1. What is the true indication for fluoride varnish?
    • Most varnishes contain 5.0% NaF.
    • A typical application requires only 0.3-0.5ml of the varnish, which contains 3-6 mg of fluoride.
    • It is recommended that the application be repeated at 3-6 months.
  2. What are the fluoride varnishes "off-label" use?
    • The FDA has not approved fluoride varnishes for the use on caries prevention, but it has approved it for hypersensitivity.
    • FDA approval is not required to use fluoride varnish "off-label" to treat the preventio of caries.
  3. What are the instructions for after fluoride varnish is placed?
    Patients should not eat abrasive food or brush their teeth until the next morning.
  4. What are specific things patients should avoid after fluoride varnish is applied?
    Adults should not drink alcohol for the first 4 hoursĀ  following fluoride varnish application as it dissolves the varnish.
  5. What are some disadvantages of fluoride varnishes?
    • Aesthetic rerasons (a temporary brownish pigmentation of carious tooth surface).
    • Strong metallic taste.
    • Possibility or etching ceramic or porcelain surfaces.
  6. Which varnishes specifically effect composites/ porcelain restorations?
    Acidulated Phosphate Fluoride
  7. 4 essential criteria for successful sealant retention:
    • 1. Have maximum surface area.
    • 2. Have deep, irregular pits and fissures.
    • 3. Be clean.
    • 4. Be dry.
  8. What helps roughen the tooth surface for sealant placement?
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