protein procedure 2

  1. initial biuret used for measurement of urine protein
    folin-lowry test
  2. principle of folin-lowry test
    oxidation of: tyrosine, tryptophan, and histidine by residues of folin-phenol reagent
  3. based on most ability of most proteins in serum to bind dyes
    dye binding
  4. example of dyes:
    • amido black 10B
    • bromphenol blue
    • bromcresol purple
    • bromcresol green
    • coomasie brillant blue
    • HABA
    • Lissamine green
    • Methyl orange
    • Ponceau S
  5. used to measure protein concentration in CSF or urine
    turbidimetric method
  6. turbidimetric
    protein forms precipitate in addition of?
    • trichloroacetic acid
    • sulfosalycilic acid
  7. turbidity produced caN BE MEASURED BY
    optical density
  8. not specified to proteins because nucleic acids can also precipitate
  9. easiest means of separating proteins- based on the changes in the solubility of protein , (charge ion and dehydrating solvent)
    salt fractionation : precipitation
  10. globulins are precipitated using either
    • sodium sulphate
    • sodium sulphite
    • ammonium sulphate
    • methanol
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