spanish terms

  1. bailar
    to dance
  2. caminar
    to walk
  3. cantar
    to sing
  4. comer
    to eat
  5. correr
    to run
  6. dibujar
    to draw
  7. escribir cuentos
    to write stories
  8. escuchar musica
    to listen to music
  9. esquiar
    to ski
  10. leer revistas
    to read magizines
  11. montar en bicicleta
    to ride a bike
  12. montar en monoptin
    to ride a skateboard
  13. nadar
    to swim
  14. pasar tiempo
    to spend time
  15. parinar
    to skate
  16. practiar deportes
    to practice sports
  17. tocar la guitarra
    to play the guitar
  18. tomar el sol
    to sun bath
  19. usar la computadora
    to use the computer
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spanish terms