1. assembly line
    a production system where a person has one certain job that they have to do over and over again
  2. dust bowl
    farmers dug up deep rooted grass and high winds blew around the duirt
  3. 18th amendment
    illegal to sell or own alcohol
  4. public works
    projects like highways ,parks ,and libraries built with public funds
  5. credit
    an amount or sum of money placed at a persons deposit by a bank
  6. speakeasies
    where alcohol is sold illegally
  7. nativism
    hostility towards immigrants
  8. mass media
    a medium of communication intended to reach a wide media
  9. isolationism
    avoiding involvement in world affairs
  10. fireside chats
    radio broadcasts made by fdr tot he American people to explain his initiatives
  11. how did America impact the growth of mass media
    helped form a common American popular culture during the 1920's
  12. what three types of mass media were popular
    movies, newspapers, radios
  13. what is communism
    when the government has all power
  14. what was the red scare
    Americas intense fear of communism
  15. why was prohibition a failure in america
    people couldn't live without alcohol
  16. what is the 21st amendment
    alcohol was legal for people 21 and over
  17. how did most buy goods
    on credit or installment plans
  18. what type of stuff did people buy on credit
    cars, washing machines, refrigerators
  19. women in the 20s wanted to be different from the traditional rules
  20. what tensions were building in america
    ratial tensions
  21. what happened during the Harlem Renaissance
    explained what it was like in America as an African American
  22. what was the jazz age
    whe jazz music was popular
  23. why did people suddenly sell ther stocks in 29?
    there was a fall in stock prices
  24. list three problems American had
    homelessness, unemployment, hooverviles
  25. what are hoovervilles
    poor communities
  26. what did pres. hoover do during the G.D.
    didn't take his pres. money
  27. who were two candidates in the election on 1932
    Hoover and Roosevelt
  28. why did Roosevelt win the election
    people blamed Hoover for the G.D.
  29. what was the New Deal
    FDR's plan to end the depression
  30. what was the goals for the FDR
    relief, recovery, reform
  31. what were three programs created in the New Deal.
  32. why did repubs. hate the new deal
    it made the gov. too big and involved
  33. essay 1
  34. essay 2
    Credit and installment plans
  35. essay 3
    ratial tentions
  36. long essay 1
  37. long essay 2
    the FDIC
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