Chemistry Unit 2

  1. Formula weight
    • Definition: the sum of the atomic weights of each
    • atom in its chemical formula.

    • How to Find it: The formula weight can be calculated by using the atomic
    • weights found in the periodic table and the chemical formula of
    • the compound.

    CaCl2= (1 x 40.08)+(2 x 35.45)=110.98

    • Unit:
    • Atomic weight=amu
    • mass=g
  2. Avogadro's number
    Number: 6.022 x 1023mol

    • Definition: (constant) used to relate the amount
    • of a substance to a number of particles of that same
    • substance.

    Unit: mol

    Conversion example: 1 mol N / 6.022 x 1023 atoms N
  3. molar mass
    • Definition: The molar mass of a compound is always numerically equal
    • to its formula weight.

    Unit: g/mol

    Conversion example: 1 mol N / 14.01 g N
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Chemistry Unit 2
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