Starting with H

  1. Habile
    Deft, skilful
  2. Habiliment
  3. Habitable
    Capable of being inhabitated
  4. Habitual
    Done constantly or as a habit
  5. Habituate
    Make accustomed to or used to doing something
  6. Habitué
    A frequent visitor to a particular place
  7. Hacienda
    Landed estate, ranch or farm
  8. Hackneyed
    Unoriginal, banal or trite
  9. Haggard
    Looking exhausted and fatigued
  10. Halcyon days
    Days of peace and tranquility
  11. Hallmark
    Distinctive feature
  12. Hallowed
    Mark as holy OR greatly revere and honour
  13. Hallucination
    An experience involving the apparent perception of something not present
  14. Hanker
    Have the desire for
  15. Haphazard
    Lacking any obvious principle of organisation
  16. Hapless
  17. Happenstance
    Coincidence or chance
  18. Haptic
    Relating to the sense of touch
  19. Harangue
    Lengthy and aggressive speech
  20. Harbinger
    A person or thing that goes before and announces the approach of another
  21. Hardy
    Capable of enduring difficult conditions, robust
  22. Hark
  23. Harlequin
    In various colours
  24. Harmonious
    Free from disagreement or discontent
  25. Harp
    Talk or write tediously about something
  26. Harpy
    Grasping, unpleasant woman
  27. Harridan
    Strict, bossy or belligerent old woman
  28. Harrowing
    Disturbing or distressing to the mind
  29. Hartal
    Closure of shops and offices as a protest or sign of respect
  30. Harum-scarum
    Reckless and impetuous
  31. Hasten
    Be quick to do something
  32. Haughty
    Arrogantly superior and disdainful
  33. Haut monde
    High society
  34. Haute couture
    High fashion
  35. Haute cuisine
    Cooking to a high standard
  36. Hebdomadal
  37. Hebetate
    To make obtuse or dull
  38. Hebetude
    The state of being dull or lethargic
  39. Hedonism
    The pursuit of pleasure or happiness as the highest god
  40. Heed
    Pay attention to, take notice of
  41. Hefty
    Large and heavy
  42. Hegemon
    A supreme leader
  43. Hegemony
    Leadership or dominance, especially by one state or social group over others
  44. Heinous
    Utterly odious or wicked
  45. Heraldry
    Colourful ceremony
  46. Herculean
    Requiring great strength or effort
  47. Heresy
    An opinion profoundly at odds with what is generally accepted
  48. Hermetic
    Airtight, protected from outside influences
  49. Hermitage
    The dwelling of a hermit
  50. Heterodox
    Not conforming with established or orthodox standards or beliefs
  51. Heterogeneous
    Unlike, different, incongruous
  52. Heuristic
    Enabling a person to discover or learn something for themselves
  53. Hiatus
    A pause or break in an activity
  54. Hibernal
    A characteristic of or occurring in Winter
  55. Hideous
    Extremely ugly
  56. Hierophant
    A person, especially a priest, who interprets sacred mysteries or esoteric principles
  57. Hilarity
    Extreme amusement, especially when expressed by laughter
  58. Hinder
    Make it difficult for someone to do something or for something to happen
  59. Hindrance
    A thing that provides resistance, delay or obstruction to something or someone
  60. Histrionics
    Excessively theatrical or dramatic in character or style
  61. Hoarse
    Voice sounding rough and harsh
  62. Hoary
    Old with grey or white hair
  63. Hodophobia
    Abnormal fear of travel
  64. Hoi polloi
    The common people, masses
  65. Homage
    Special honour or respect paid publicly
  66. Homogeneous
    Comprised of parts all of the same kind
  67. Horal
    Relating to hours
  68. Horary
    Relating to the measurement of hours
  69. Horrendous
    Dreadful, horrible
  70. Horrid
    Causing horror
  71. Horripilation
    Standing of hairs of the neck from fear or excitement
  72. Hors d'oeuvre
    An appetiser or canapé
  73. Hors de combat
    Out of action due to illness
  74. Hortatory
    Encouraging, inciting, urging to some course of action
  75. Hospitable
    Friendly or welcome to friends and guests
  76. Hotchpotch
    Heterogeneous mixture
  77. Hoyden
    A boisterous girl
  78. Hubris
    Excessive pride or self-confidence
  79. Humdrum
    Lacking excitement or variety
  80. Humiliate
    Make someone feel ashamed or foolish
  81. Humility
    Quality of being humble and having a modest view of one's importance
  82. Hyperbole
    Exaggerated claims not meant to be taken literally
  83. Hypocrisy
    The act of claiming to have higher standards or more noble beliefs than is the case
  84. Hysteria
    Exaggerated or uncontrollable emotion or excitement
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