Starting with E

  1. Eager
    Strongly wanting to do something
  2. Earnest
    Resulting from or showing sincere & intense conviction
  3. Ebriety
    The habit or state of drunkeness
  4. Ebullient
    Cheerful & full of energy
  5. Eccentric
    Unconventional and slightly strange
  6. Echelon
    Level or rank in a society, organisation etc
  7. Éclat
    Brilliant display or effect
  8. Eclectic
    Deriving ideas, style or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources
  9. Eclipse
    A loss of significance or power in relation or to another person or thing
  10. Ecstasy
    Overwhelming feeling of great happiness or joyful excitement
  11. Edacious
    Devouring, voracious, consuming
  12. Edacity
    Good appetite
  13. Edifice
    Large imposing building OR a complex system of beliefs
  14. Edify
    Instruct or improve someone morally or intellectually
  15. Educe
    Bring out or develop something latent or potential
  16. Effable
    Able to be described in words
  17. Efface
    Erase from a surface or cause to disappear completely
  18. Effectual
    Producing or capable of producing an intended effect; adequate
  19. Effectuate
    To bring about, effect
  20. Effeminate
    A man having characteristics regarded as typical of a woman
  21. Effervescent
    Vivacious & enthusiastic
  22. Effete
    Affected, over-refined & ineffectual
  23. Efficacy
    The ability to produce a desired or intended result
  24. Effloresce
    Reach an optimum stage of development
  25. Effluence
    Action of flowing out
  26. Effrontery
    Insolent or impertinent behaviour
  27. Effulgent
    Shining forth brilliantly
  28. Effusive
    Showing or expressing gratitude, pleasure or approval in an unrestrained or heartfelt manner
  29. Egalitarian
    Asserting the equality of all people
  30. Ego
    A person's sense of self-esteem or self-importance
  31. Egocentric
  32. Egotism
    Fact of being excessively conceited or absorbed in itself
  33. Egregious
    Outstandingly bad, shocking
  34. Egress
    The action of going out of or leaving a place OR a way out
  35. Eidolon
    A spectre or phantom
  36. Eke
    Make an amount or supply of something last longer by using it or consuming it frugally
  37. Elan
    Energy, style and enthusiasm
  38. Eldritch
    Weird and sinister or ghostly
  39. Elegy
    A lament for the dead
  40. Elenchus and elenctic
    A logical refutation
  41. Elicit
    Evoke or draw out
  42. Elide
    Join together, merge
  43. Elocution
    The skill of clear and expressive speech
  44. Eloign
    To take oneself far away
  45. Elongate
    To increase in length
  46. Eloquent
    Fluent or persuasive in speaking or writing
  47. Elucidate
    Make something clear, explain
  48. Elude
    Escape from or avoid
  49. Elysium
    A place or state of perfect happiness
  50. Emanate
    Issue or spread out from a source
  51. Emancipate
    Set free, especially from legal, social or political restrictions
  52. Emasculate
    Deprive a man of his masculinity
  53. Embellish
    Make a story more interesting by adding fictitious details
  54. Embitter
    To make bitter or more bitter
  55. Emblazon
    Conspicuously inscribe or display a design on
  56. Emblematic
    Serving as a symbol of a particular quality or concept
  57. Embodiment
    A tangible or visible form of an idea, quality or feeling
  58. Embolden
    Give someone the courage or confidence to do something
  59. Embonpoint
    The plump or fleshy part of a person's body, in particular a women's bosom
  60. Embroil
    Involve someone deeply in an argument, conflict or difficult situation
  61. Embryonic
    Rudimentary, undeveloped
  62. Emend
    Make corrections and revisions to a text
  63. Emergent
    In the process of coming into being or becoming prominent
  64. Emigrate
    To leave one country or region to settle in another
  65. Emigre
    A person who has left their own country to settle in another, typically for political reasons.
  66. Eminent
    Famous and respected within a particular sphere
  67. Eminence grise
    A person who wields power unseen & unofficially
  68. Emollient
    Having the quality of softening or soothing the skin AND attempting to avoid confrontation or anger
  69. Emolument
    Salary or reward for services
  70. Emote
    Portray emotion in a theatrical manner
  71. Emphatic
    Expressing something forcibly and clearly
  72. Empirical
    Derived from or guided by experience or experiment rather than theory
  73. Empyrean
    Relating to heaven
  74. Emulate
    Match or surpass (a person or achievement) typically by imitation
  75. Emulous
    Seeking to emulate someone or something
  76. En bloc
    As a whole
  77. En masse
    In a mass or body, all together
  78. En passant
    By the way, incidentally
  79. En rapport
    Having a close and harmonious relationship
  80. En route
    On the way
  81. Enamour
    To be filled with love for
  82. Enate
    Someone who is related on the mother's side
  83. Encapsulate
    Enclose something in or as if in a capsule
  84. Enchant
    Fill someone with great delight, charm
  85. Enchiridion
    A book containing essential information on a subject
  86. Enchorial
    Denoting or relating to the kind of language used by ordinary people; colloquial or domestic
  87. Enclave
    A portion or territory surrounded by a larger territory whose inhabitants are culturally or ethnically distinct
  88. Encomium
    A speech or piece of writing that praises someone or something highly
  89. Encompass
    To form a circle about, encircle, surround
  90. Encroach
    To advance beyond proper limits
  91. Enculturation
    Process by which people learn the requirements of their surrounding culture or acquire values and behaviours apposite to that culture.
  92. Endear
    Cause to be loved or liked
  93. Endeavour
    Try hard to do or achieve something
  94. Endemic
    Regularly found among particular people or in a certain area
  95. Endogamy
    Practise of marrying solely within a certain culture
  96. Endogenous
    Having an internal cause or origin
  97. Endo
  98. Endorse
    Declare one's support for
  99. Endow
    Provide with a quality, ability or asset
  100. Endue
    Endow with a quality, attribute or asset
  101. Energumen
    A person believed to be possessed by the devil or a spirit
  102. Enervate
    Make someone feel drained of energy or vitality
  103. Engender
    Cause or give rise to a feeling, situation or condition
  104. Engird
    Surround or encircle
  105. Engorge
    Eat to excess
  106. Engross
    Absorb all the attention or interest of
  107. Engulf
    Sweep over something so as to surround or cover it completely
  108. Enigma
    A person or thing that is mysterious or difficult to understand
  109. Enigmatic
    Difficult to interpret or understand, mysterious
  110. Enjoin
    Instruct or demand someone to do something
  111. Enlighten
    Give someone greater knowledge and understanding about a subject or situation
  112. Enliven
    Make vigorous or active
  113. Enmesh
    To catch as in a net, entangle
  114. Enmity
    State or feeling of active opposition or hostility
  115. Ennoble
    Lend greater dignity or nobility of character to
  116. Ennui
    Feeling of listlessness & dissatisfaction arising from lack of occupation and excitement
  117. Enrapture
    To give intense pleasure or joy to
  118. Enrich
    Improve or enhance the quality or value of
  119. Ensconce
    Establish or settle someone in a comfortable, safe place
  120. Enshrined
    Preserve (a right, tradition or idea) in a form that ensures it will be protected and respected
  121. Enshroud
    Envelop completely & hide from view
  122. Ensnare
    Catch in a trap
  123. Ensorcell
    Enchant, fascinate
  124. Ensue
    To follow in order or consequence
  125. Entail
    Involve something as a necessary or inevitable part or consequence
  126. Entelechy
    The realisation of potential
  127. Entente
    Friendly understanding or informal alliance between states or factions
  128. Enthral
    To captivate, charm
  129. Entice
    Attract or tempt by offering pleasure or advantage
  130. Entrammel
    Entangle, trap
  131. Entrap
    To trap or ensnare
  132. Entre nous
    Between ourselves, privately
  133. Entreat
    Ask someone earnestly or anxiously to do something
  134. Entrench
    Establish so firmly that change is very difficult or unlikely
  135. Entrepôt
    Port, city or other centre to which goods are brought for import & export & for collection and distribution
  136. Entrust
    Assign the responsibility for doing something to someone
  137. Entwine
    Wind or twist together, interweave
  138. Enumerate
    Mention separately as if in counting, name one by one, specify as in a list
  139. Enunciate
    Say or pronounce clearly
  140. Enviable
    Highly desired
  141. Environs
    The surrounding area or district
  142. Envoy
    Messenger or representative
  143. Ephemera
    Things that exist or are used or enjoyed only for a short period
  144. Ephemeral
    Lasting only for a very short time
  145. Epicentre
    Central point of something
  146. Epicure
    A person who takes particular pleasure in fine food or drink
  147. Epideictic
    Characterised by or designed to display rhetorical or oratorical skill
  148. Epidemic
    Sudden, widespread occurrence of an undesirable phenomenon
  149. Epigone
    Less distinguished follower or imitator of someone
  150. Epigram
    A pithy saying or remark expressing an idea in a clever and amusing way
  151. Epigraph
    Inscription on a building or short quotation or saying at the beginning of a book
  152. Epilogue
    Section or speech at the end of a book or play that serves as a comment or conclusion to what has happened
  153. Epiphany
    A moment of sudden and great revelation or realisation
  154. Epistle
    A letter
  155. Epitasis
    The man part of a play
  156. Epithet
    A word used to describe a characteristic of a particular person such as Alexander the Great
  157. Epitome
    A person or thing that is a perfect example of a particular quality or type
  158. Epoch
    Particular period of time in history or a person's life
  159. Eponym
    A person after whom a discovery, invention, place etc is named or thought to be named
  160. Equanimity
    Calmness & composure, especially in a difficult situation
  161. Equipollent
    Equal or equivalent in power, effect or significance
  162. Equipotent
    Equal in power
  163. Equitable
    Characterised by equity and fairness
  164. Equivocal
    Open to more than one interpretation (ambiguous) OR uncertain or questionable in nature
  165. Equivocate
    Use ambiguous language so as to conceal the truth or avoid committing oneself
  166. Ergo
  167. Ergophobia
    Morbid fear of work
  168. Eristic
    Characterised by debate or argument
  169. Errant
    Erring or straying from the acceptable course or standards
  170. Erratum
    Error in printing or writing
  171. Erroneous
    Wrong, incorrect
  172. Ersatz
    Made or used as a substitution, typically an inferior one, for something else OR not real or genuine
  173. Erstwhile
  174. Erudite
    Having or showing great knowledge or learning
  175. Eschew
    Deliberately avoid using; abstain from
  176. Esculent
    Fit to be eaten, edible
  177. Esoteric
    Intended to be understood only by a select few
  178. Espial
    Action of watching or catching sight of something or someone
  179. Espouse
    Adopt or support a cause, belief or way of life
  180. Esprit
    Quality of being lively, vivacious or witty
  181. Esprit de corps
    A feeling of pride & mutual loyalty shared by members of a group
  182. Esprit de l'escalier
    When a witty remark comes to mind after the opportunity to use it has presented
  183. Estaminet
    Small cafe selling alcoholic drinks
  184. Esteem
    Respect and admiration
  185. Esurient
    Hungry or greedy
  186. Ethereal
    Delicate or refined
  187. Ethicurean
    Person who demands good food but also which has been ethically acquired
  188. Ethnarc
    Ruler of a nation or people
  189. Ethos
    The characteristic spirit of a culture, era or community as manifested in its attitudes & aspirations
  190. Etiquette
    Customary polite behaviour in a society
  191. Eudemonic
    Conducive to happiness
  192. Eugenics
    Science of breeding good characteristics into the population
  193. Eulogise
    To praise highly
  194. Eupepsia
    Good digestion
  195. Euphemism
    Substitution of a mild, indirect or vague expression for a harsh, blunt or offensive one
  196. Euphony
    Quality of being pleasing to the ear
  197. Euphoria
    Feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness
  198. Eustasy
    Rise in the sea levels caused by melting of ice
  199. Evanesce
    Pass out of sight, memory or existence
  200. Evince
    Reveal the presence of
  201. Eviscerate
    Disembowel or remove essential content
  202. Evitable
  203. Evoke
    Bring or recall
  204. Ex cathedra
    With the full authority of office
  205. Ex gratia
    Because of a favour and not because of a legal obligation
  206. Ex officio
    Because of one's position or status
  207. Ex parte
    From or on behalf of one side only
  208. Ex post facto
    With retrospective force
  209. Exacerbate
    Make a bad situation worse
  210. Exalt
    Think or speak very highly of someone, raise in rank
  211. Exasperate
    Irritate to a high degree
  212. Excogitate
    Think out, plan or devise
  213. Excoriate
    Criticise someone severely
  214. Excrescence
    Unattractive or superfluous object or feature
  215. Excuplate
    Show or prove that someone is free from guilt
  216. Excursive
    Tending to deviate from a course of activity, digressive
  217. Excursus
    Detailed discussion of a particular point in a book, usually in an appendix
  218. Execrate
    To detest utterly; abhor
  219. Exemplar
    A person or thing serving as a typical example or appropriate model
  220. Exemplary
    Worthy of imitation, commendable
  221. Exempli gratia
    For example
  222. Exemplify
    To show or illustrate by example
  223. Exhilarate
    To make cheery or meery
  224. Exhort
    Strongly encourage or urge someone to do something
  225. Exigent
    Pressing, demanding
  226. Exigible
    Able to be charged or levied
  227. Exiguous
    Very small in size or amount
  228. Existential
    Relating to existence
  229. Exodus
    Mass departure of people
  230. Exogenous
    Having an external cause or origin
  231. Exorable
    Capable of being moved or persuaded
  232. Exorbitant
    Unreasonably high
  233. Exordium
    Introductory part of a speech or treatise
  234. Exoteric
    Intended to be understood by the general public
  235. Expatiate
    Speak or write in detail about
  236. Expedient
    Convenient and practical, suitable or appropriate
  237. Expedite
    Make an action or process happen sooner or be accomplished more quickly
  238. Expeditious
    Done with speed and efficiency
  239. Experiential
    Involving or based on experience & observation
  240. Expiate
    Make amends or reparation for guilt or wrongdoing
  241. Explicable
    Capable of being explained
  242. Explicate
    Analyse and develop an idea or principle in detail
  243. Exponent
    Person who supports an idea or theory and tries to persuade people of its truth or benefits OR a person who demonstrates a particular skill to a high standard.
  244. Exponential
    Rate of change becoming more and more rapid
  245. Exponible
    Capable of and requiring explanation
  246. Exposition
    Comprehensive description and explanation of a theory
  247. Expostulate
    Expressing strong disapproval or disagreement
  248. Expound
    Present and explain a theory or idea in detail
  249. Expropriate
    Government taking private assets for public benefit
  250. Expunge
    To remove or obliterate completely
  251. Expurgate
    Remove matter thought to be objectionable or unsuitable from a text or account
  252. Exscind
    To cut out of or off
  253. Exsert
    Cause to protrude
  254. Extant
    Still in existence, surviving
  255. Extempore or extemporaneous
    A speech without preparation
  256. Extenuate
    Acting in mitigation to lessen the seriousness of guilt of an offence
  257. Extirpate
    Eradicate or destroy completely
  258. Extol
    Praise highly, laud
  259. Extraneous
    Of external origin
  260. Extrapolate
    Extend the application of a method or conclusion to an unknown situation by assuming that existing trends will continue or similar methods will be applicable
  261. Extricate
    Free someone from a constraint or difficulty
  262. Extrinsic
    Coming from outside
  263. Extrude
    Thrust or force out
  264. Exuberant
    Full of energy, excitement and cheerfulness
  265. Exult
    Show or feel triumph or elation
  266. Exultant
    Triumphantly happy
  267. Ephemera
    Goods that are only meant to be used for a short time
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