Starting with D

  1. Dabble
    To do anything in a slight or superficial manner
  2. Dacha
    Country villa in Russia
  3. Dactylology
    Sign language system for the deaf
  4. Daedal
    Skilful or ingenious
  5. Daemon
    A god or deity
  6. Dainty
    Of delicate beauty or charm; exquisite
  7. Dais
    Raised platform used as a stage
  8. Dalliance
    Casual romantic relationship or a brief or casual involvement with something
  9. Dally
    To waste time, loiter, delay
  10. Damnable
    Hateful, abominable, outrageous
  11. Damnatio memoriae
    Removing all memory of a person from history
  12. Dandify
    To make dandy or foppish
  13. Dandy
    A man who is excessively concerned with appearance
  14. Dank
    Unpleasantly moist or humid
  15. Danseur
    Male ballet dancer
  16. Danseuse
    Female ballet dancer
  17. Dapper
    Neat, trim, smart
  18. Dapple
    Spotted markings
  19. Daring
    Adventure, courage, boldness
  20. Dashing
    Impetuous, spirited, lively
  21. Dastard and dastardly
    Mean, sneaking coward
  22. Datal
    Containing a date
  23. Datum
    A piece of information
  24. Daub
    Carelessly coat or smear a surface with a thick substance
  25. Daunt
    To overcome with fear, intimidate
  26. Dauntless
    Not to be overcome with fear or daunted
  27. Dawdle
    To waste time, walk slowly
  28. De facto
    In fact, in reality
  29. De gustibus non est disputandum
    There is no disputing about tastes
  30. De jure (de yooray)
    According to rightful legal entitlement
  31. De novo
    From the beginning, anew
  32. De rigueur
    Required by etiquette or current fashion
  33. De trop (de tro)
    Not wanted, unwelcome
  34. Debacle
    Overwhelming disaster
  35. Debar
    Exclude or prohibit someone from doing something
  36. Debase
    To reduce in quality or value, adulerate OR to lower in rank or dignity
  37. Debauch
    Destroy or debase the moral purity of something
  38. Debilitate
    To make weak or feeble
  39. Debility
    State of being weak or feeble
  40. Debonair
    Suave and stylish
  41. Debouch
    To issue or emerge from a narrow opening
  42. Debunk
    To expose the falseness and hollowness of an idea or belief
  43. Decadence
    Luxurious self-indulgence
  44. Decamp
    Leave a place suddenly or secretly
  45. Decant
    Gradually pour wine into another vessel so as to avoid sediment OR temporarily transfer people to another place.
  46. Decapitate
    Cut off the head
  47. Deceit
    Practice of deceiving someone
  48. Deceptive
    Apt or tending to deceive
  49. Declaim
    Deliver words in an impassioned way
  50. Declasse
    Having fallen in social status
  51. Declivity
    Downward slope
  52. Decorous
    In keeping with propriety, good manners etc
  53. Decorum
    Propriety of speech, appearance, behaviour, dress etc
  54. Decouple
    To disengage from
  55. Decrement
    Reduction or diminution
  56. Decrepit
    Broken down or weakened by old age, infirm
  57. Decry
    Publicly denounce
  58. Deduce
    Arrive at a fact by reasoning
  59. Defalcation
    Misappropriation of money
  60. Defeasance
    Act or process of rendering null and void
  61. Defenestrate
    Literally to throw someone out of a window OR to remove or dismiss someone from an office or position of authority
  62. Deference
    Polite submission and respect
  63. Defile
    Desecrate, mar or spoil
  64. Definiendum
    The word to be defined
  65. Definiens
    Words that define another thing
  66. Definitive
    Done or reached decisively and conclusively
  67. Deforce
    Deprive someone wrongfully of their rightful property
  68. Defray
    To pay money to reduce an expense
  69. Deft
    Demonstrating skill
  70. Defunct
    No longer existing or functioning
  71. Defund
    Prevent from continuing to receive funds
  72. Degage
    Unconcerned or unconstrained
  73. Degrade
    To treat someone with disrespect or contempt OR to lower the quality of
  74. Degust
    Taste something to fully appreciate its taste
  75. Degustation
    Sampling of a variety of wines
  76. Deify
    To make to be a God
  77. Deign
    To do something that one consider's below ones dignity
  78. Deity
    God or goddess
  79. Deja vu
    A feeling of having previously experienced the present situation
  80. Dejected
    Depressed in spirit
  81. Delate
    Inform against or denounce
  82. Delectable
    Delicious or extremely attractive
  83. Delectation
    Pleasure and delight
  84. Deleterious
    Hurtful, harmful, injurious
  85. Deliberation
    Careful consideration before a decision
  86. Delimit
    Determine the limit or boundaries of
  87. Delineate
    Describe or portray
  88. Delinquent
    Failing in one's duty
  89. Deliration
    Frenzied or delirious behaviour
  90. Delirium
    Temporary loss of mental faculties
  91. Delphic
    Deliberately obscure or ambiguous
  92. Delude and delusional
    Make someone believe something that is not true
  93. Deluge
    Great inundation of water
  94. Delve
    Research or make painstaking inquiries into
  95. Demagogue
    A leader who appeals to popular prejudices and desires rather than rational argument
  96. Demarcate
    Set the boundaries or limits of OR separate or distinguish from
  97. Demarche
    Political step or initiative
  98. Demean
    Cause a severe loss in the dignity of and respect for someone OR do something that is beneath someone's dignity
  99. Demeanour
    Conduct, behaviour, bearing
  100. Dement
    Drive mad or insane
  101. Demerit
    A negative mark against someone
  102. Demigod
    A person who is greatly admired and respected
  103. Demimonde
    A group of people on the fringes of respectable society
  104. Demirep
    A woman with doubtful or compromised reputation
  105. Demise
    A person's death
  106. Demoded
    No longer in fashion
  107. Demonic
    Of or relating to a demon
  108. Demonstrable
    Capable of being demonstrated
  109. Demonym
    Name given to residents in a place ie Chinese for residents of China
  110. Demoralise
    Cause someone to lose confidence or hope
  111. Demote
    Reduce to a lower grade or class
  112. Demotic
    The kind of language used by ordinary people
  113. Demote
    Reduce to a lower grade or class
  114. Demulcent
    Substance that reduces inflammation or irritation
  115. Demur
    Raise objection or show reluctance
  116. Demure
    Reserved, shy, modest
  117. Denigrate
    To sully, defame
  118. Denizen
    A person, animal or plant that is found in a particular place
  119. Denote
    Be a sign of, indicate
  120. Denouement
    Final part of a play or story in which all the strands are bought together to explain the plot
  121. Denounce
    Publicly declare a wrong
  122. Denude
    To make naked or strip clothes off
  123. Denunciate
    Openly declare a wrong or evil, to denounce
  124. Depict
    Portray in words, or draw a picture
  125. Deplorable
    Deserving strong condemnation, totally unacceptable
  126. Deplore
    Feel or express strong condemnation for something
  127. Deploy
    Bring into effective action
  128. Deplume
    Strip of honour or wealth
  129. Deportment
    A person's behaviour or manners
  130. Depose
    Remove from office suddenly and forcibly
  131. Deprave
    Make someone immoral or wicked
  132. Deprecate
    Express disapproval of
  133. Depredate
    Steal from, typically using force, plunder
  134. Derange
    Make someone insane
  135. Deride/derision
    Express contempt for, ridicule
  136. Derogate/derogatory
    Detract from, disparage someone
  137. Derring-do
    Heroic action, daring deeds
  138. Descry
    Catch sight of
  139. Desiderate
    Feel a keen longing or desire for
  140. Desideratum
    Something that is desired or wanted
  141. Desist
    Stop doing something
  142. Despicable
    That who is to be despised; contemptible
  143. Despoil
    Violently rob or plunder
  144. Despond/despondent
    Become dejected and lose confidence
  145. Despot
    Autocrat ruling in a violent or oppressive way
  146. Destine
    Intend or choose for a particular purpose or end
  147. Desuetude
    State of disuse
  148. Desultory
    Lacking a plan, purpose or enthusiasm
  149. Detente
    Easing of hostility or strained relations
  150. Deterge
    Cleanse thoroughly
  151. Detract
    Diminish the worth or value of something
  152. Detritus
    Waste or refuse of any kind
  153. Deuterogamy
    Second marriage after the death of the first husband or wife
  154. Deviant
    Deviating from an accepted norm
  155. Devilment
    Devilish action or conduct
  156. Devilry
    Wicked or reckless mischief
  157. Devious
    Showing a skilful use of underhand tactics to achieve goals
  158. Devise
    Plan or invent by careful thought
  159. Devoid
    Not possessing, free from
  160. Devolve
    Transfer or delegate to a lower level
  161. Dexterity
    Skill in performing tasks, especially with the hands
  162. Dextral
  163. Diablerie
    Quality of being reckless or wild in a charismatic way
  164. Diabolical
    Characteristic of the devil
  165. Diachronic
    How something especially a language changes over time
  166. Diaphanous
    Light, delicate and translucent
  167. Diaspora
    Dispersion of people beyond their original homeland
  168. Diatribe
    Forceful and bitter attack against someone
  169. Dichotomy
    Division or contrast between things that are seen as being opposed or entirely different
  170. Didactic
    Intended to teach
  171. Diffident
    Modest or shy because of a lack of self-confidence
  172. Diffuse
    Spread over a wide area or over a wide group of people
  173. Diglossia
    Two versions of the same language - one high usage, one low
  174. Digress
    To leave the main subject temporarily in a speech or writing
  175. Diktat
    Decree imposed on a group without popular consent
  176. Dilate
    make wider or larger
  177. Dilettante
    Person who pursues an area of interest such as the arts without real commitment or knowledge
  178. Diluvial
    Relating to floods
  179. Dimerous
    Having parts arranged in groups of two
  180. Diminution
    Act or process of diminishing
  181. Diminutive
    Extremely or unusually small
  182. Dint
    Force of attack, impact
  183. Dionysian
    Wild, orgiastic
  184. Dipsomania
    Alcoholism, especially with intermittent cravings of alcohol
  185. Direful
    Extremely bad, dreadful
  186. Direttismo
    Direct route straight up a mountain
  187. Dirge
    Funeral song
  188. Disaccord
    To disagree
  189. Disaffection
    The state of being dissatisfied, especially with a government
  190. Disavow
    Deny and responsibility and support for
  191. Discern
    Perceive by intellect, sight etc
  192. Disclaim
    Refuse to acknowledge, deny
  193. Discombulate
    Disconcert or confused
  194. Discomfit
    Makes someone feel uneasy or embarrassed
  195. Discommode
    Cause someone trouble or inconvenience
  196. Disconcerted
    Confused, abashed
  197. Disconsolate
    Very unhappy and unable to be consoled
  198. Discontent
    Dissatisfaction with one's circumstances
  199. Discord
    Disagreement between people
  200. Discordant
    Disagreeing or incongruous
  201. Discourse
    Written or spoken communication
  202. Discourteous
    Not courteous
  203. Discredit
    Injure the reputation of
  204. Discreet
    Wise or judicious in avoiding mistakes or faults, not given to careless talk
  205. Discrete
    Individually separate and distinct
  206. Discretion
    The quality of speaking or behaving in a way so as not to cause offence or reveal confidential information OR the quality of being discreet
  207. Discriminate
    Recognise a difference
  208. Discursive
    Digressing from subject to subject
  209. Discussant
    Person who takes part in a pre-arranged discussion
  210. Disdain
    To look upon with contempt
  211. Disenable
    Deprive of the ability or capacity to do something
  212. Disenchantment
    Feeling of disappointment about someone that was previously respected.
  213. Disenfranchise
    Deprive someone of a right or privilege
  214. Dishabille
    State of being partly or scantily clad
  215. Disharmony
    Lack of harmony
  216. Dishearten
    To depress the spirits of
  217. Dishevelled
    Unkempt and untidy
  218. Disillusionment
    A feeling of disappointment resulting from the discovery that something is not as good as it could be
  219. Disinclination
    Absence of inclination
  220. Disingenuous
    Not candid or sincere
  221. Disjunctive
    Lacking connection or consistency
  222. Disorientate
    Making someone lose their sense of direction
  223. Disparage
    Regard or represent as being of little worth
  224. Disparate
    Entirely different in kind, not able to be compared
  225. Disparity
    Lack of similarity or equality
  226. Dispassionate
    Free from or unaffected by passion
  227. Dispirit
    To deprive of spirit
  228. Displease
    Make someone feel annoyed or upset
  229. Disport
    To enjoy oneself unrestrained
  230. Disputation
    Debate or argument
  231. Disquiet
    A feeling of worry or unease
  232. Disquisition
    Long or elaborate essay on a particular subject
  233. Disreputable
    Not reputable- having a bad reputation
  234. Dissatisfaction
    Lack of satisfaction
  235. Dissemble
    Disguise one's true beliefs or feelings
  236. Disseminate
    Spread information widely
  237. Dissension
    Violent disagreement; discord
  238. Dissent
    Holding a contrary view
  239. Dissertation
    Written essay on something
  240. Disservice
    A harmful action
  241. Dissident
    Someone who disagrees (noun) or the act of disagreeing (adjective)
  242. Dissimilar
    Not similar
  243. Dissimiltude
    Diversity or difference
  244. Dissipate
    Waste or fritter away
  245. Dissociate
    Sever association or connection
  246. Dissolute
    Overindulging in sensual pleasures
  247. Dissonance
    Lack of agreement or harmony among people
  248. Dissuade
    Persuade someone not to take a particular course of action
  249. Disymmetric
    Lack of symmetry
  250. Distend
    Swell or bloat from pressure from inside
  251. Distil
    Extract the essential meaning
  252. Distingue
    Having a distinguished manner or appearance
  253. Distrait
    Distracted or absent minded
  254. Distraught
    Very worried and upset
  255. Dither
    Be indecisive
  256. Ditto
    The same thing again
  257. Diurnal
    Of or during the day
  258. Divagate
    Stray or digress
  259. Divisive
    Creating division or discord
  260. Divulge
    To disclose or publish
  261. Docile
    Ready to accept instruction, submissive
  262. Doctrinaire
    Seeking to apply a doctrine in all circumstances without regard to practical consequences
  263. Doctrine
    A belief or set of beliefs held or taught by an organisation
  264. Dogma
    Set of principles laid down by an organisation as being incontrovertibly true
  265. Dogmatic
    Inclined to lay down principles as being undeniably true
  266. Dolce vita
    Life of heedless pleasure and luxury
  267. Doleful
    Expressing sorrow, mournful
  268. Dolorous and dolour
    Expressing great pain and sorrow
  269. Dolt
    Stupid person
  270. Dominion
    Sovereignty and control
  271. Doppelgänger
    A body double
  272. Dotage
    The period of life during which a person is old and weak
  273. Dotard
    Someone who is weak minded from old age
  274. Doughty
    Brave and persistent
  275. Dour
    Sullen, gloomy, sour
  276. Dovish
    Conciliatory, favouring peaceful solutions
  277. Dowdy
    Ill-dressed, not trim or smart
  278. Doyen
    Most respected or senior person in a particular field
  279. Drab
    Dull, cheerless
  280. Draconian
    Harsh, rigorous, severe
  281. Drastic
    Radical and extreme
  282. Droit
    A right or due
  283. Droll
    Curious or unusual in a way that provokes dry amusement
  284. Drudgery
    Hard or uninteresting work
  285. Du jour
    Something that is enjoying great but probably short lived popularity
  286. Dubiety
    The state of being doubtful
  287. Dubious
    Hesitating or doubting
  288. Dudgeon
    Feeling of offence or high resentment
  289. Dulcet
    Sweet and soothing
  290. Dulcify
    Sweeten, calm or soothe
  291. Dullard
    Dull or stupid person
  292. Dupe
    Deceive or trick
  293. Duplicity
  294. Duress
    Threats causing someone to do something against their better judgement
  295. Dwindle
    To waste away, reduce
  296. Dystopia
    Imaginary world where everything is as bad as it possibly can be
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