Words beginning with B

  1. Babble
    To utter words imperfectly or indistinctly
  2. Babel
    A confused mixture of sounds
  3. Bacchanalian
    Drunken orgy behaviour
  4. Badinage
    Light playful banter
  5. Baffle
    To puzzle or mystify
  6. Bagatelle
    Something of little value - a thing regarded as too unimportant to worthy much consideration
  7. Balderdash
    Idle, ill-informed talk
  8. Baleful
    Full of menacing or maligned influences
  9. Ballyhoo
    A clamorous attempt to win customers or advance a cause
  10. Banal
    Hackneyed or trite
  11. Banausic
    Suitable for manual workers, uncultivated
  12. Bane
    A cause of great distress or annoyance
  13. Basal
  14. Basilect
    Social dialect of a given language which is judged to be least prestigious
  15. Bate
    To moderate or restrain the breath
  16. Bathos
    Ludicrous descent from the elevated to the commonplace
  17. Battology
    Tedious and unnecessary repetition of words and phrases in speech and writing
  18. Bawdy
    Vulgar and rude
  19. Beatific
    Feeling or expressing blissful happiness
  20. Beatitude
    Supreme blessedness
  21. Beau geste
    A noble and generous act but often futile or having no effect
  22. Beau ideal
    A person or thing representing the highest possible standard of excellence in a particular respect
  23. Beau monde
    Fashionable society
  24. Bedizen
    Dress up or decorate gaudily
  25. Befuddle
    Cause to become unable to think clearly
  26. Begrudge
    To be discontented at seeing a person have something
  27. Beguile
    Charm, trick or enchant someone often in a deceptive way
  28. Behemoth
    A huge and powerful person
  29. Behest
    A person's order or command
  30. Behove
    A duty or responsibility for someone to do something
  31. Beleaguer
    To surround with an army
  32. Belie
    Of an appearance- fail to give a true impression of something
  33. Belittle
    Dismiss someone or something as unimportant
  34. Belle-lettres
    Literature regarded as fine art
  35. Bellicose
    Inclined to war, pugnacious
  36. Belligerent
  37. Bellweather
    A social group which is the leader in a particular trend
  38. Bemoan
    To moan over, lament
  39. Bemuse
    Puzzle, confuse, bewilder
  40. Beneficent
    Generous or doing good
  41. Benevolent
    Desiring to do good for others
  42. Benighted
    In a state of pitiful intellectual or moral ignorance
  43. Benign
    Gentle and kind, mild and favourable
  44. Benignant
    Kind, gracious
  45. Berate
    To scold
  46. Bereave
    To be deprived of someone through death
  47. Bereft
    Deprived of or lacking
  48. Beseech
    To implore urgently
  49. Beset
    To attack on all sides
  50. Besmirch
    To damage one's reputation
  51. Bespoke
    Made to order
  52. Bestial
    Of or belonging to a beast
  53. Bestow
    To present as a gift
  54. Bête noire
    A person or thing that one particularly dislikes
  55. Betide
  56. Bêtise
    A foolish or ill-timed remark or action
  57. Betoken
    Be a sign of, be a warning or indication of a future event
  58. Bevy
    A large group of people or things of a particular kind
  59. Bewail
    To express deep sorrow or lament
  60. Bewilder
    Confuse or puzzle
  61. Biannual
    Occurring twice a year
  62. Bibliophile
    Lover of books
  63. Bibulous
    Excessively fond of alcohol
  64. Bicameral
    Having 2 chambers in a legislative body
  65. Bicephalous
    Having 2 heads
  66. Bide
    To ensure or bear
  67. Bien pensant
    Espousing the orthodox view
  68. Biennale
    Major exhibition occurring every 2 years
  69. Biennial
    Occurring every 2 years
  70. Biennium
    A period of 2 years
  71. Bifurcate
    To separate into 2 parts
  72. Bilious
    Spiteful, bad tempered
  73. Bilk
    Defraud, cheat
  74. Binomial
    An expression which is a sum or difference of two terms
  75. Biopic
    A biographical film
  76. Biota
    Animal and plant life of a particular region
  77. Bipartisan
    Supported by two political parties
  78. Bipartite
    Being in two corresponding parts
  79. Bivouac
    A temporary camp
  80. Blackguard
    A course, despicable person
  81. Bland
  82. Blandish
    To treat flatteringly
  83. Blasé
    Unmoved or unperturbed
  84. Blaspheme
    Speak impiously or irreverently of God
  85. Blather
    Foolish talk
  86. Blazon
    Display prominently or vividly
  87. Blithe
    Happy or carefree
  88. Blithering
    Complete, utter
  89. Bludgeon
    To force someone into something
  90. Blunderbuss
    Stupid blundering person
  91. Bluster
    Loud noisy or swaggering
  92. Bodacious
    Excellent, admirable or attractive
  93. Bode
    Be a portent of a particular outcome
  94. Bohemian
    A person with artistic or intellectual tendencies or pretensions who lives & acts without regard to conventional rules
  95. Boisterous
    Rough and noisy, clamorous
  96. Bon appetit
    Wish for someone to have a satisfying meal
  97. bon mot
    A clever saying or witticism
  98. Bon vivant
    A person who lives luxuriously, especially one who enjoys the pleasures of eating and drinking
  99. Bon voyage
    To wish someone a safe trip
  100. Bona fide
    Genuine, real
  101. Bondage
    The state of being bound
  102. Bonhomie
    Cheerful friendliness
  103. Bonny
    Radiant with health
  104. Boon
    A thing that is helpful or beneficial
  105. Boulevardier
    A pleasure seeker
  106. Bouleversement
    An overturning, convulsion, turmoil
  107. Bountiful
    Liberal in bestowing gifts, favours or bounties
  108. Bourgeois
    Member of the middle class
  109. Bourgeoisie
    The bourgeois class
  110. Bowdlerise
    To expurgate prudishly
  111. Braggadocio
    Empty boasting, bragging
  112. Braggart
    Someone prone to bragging
  113. Brandish
    To shake or wave something usually a weapon
  114. Bravado
    Boasting, swaggering, pretence
  115. Brevity
    Shortness of time or duration
  116. Bricolage
    The use of only the materials or tools at hand to achieve a purpose
  117. Brigand
    A bandit
  118. Brinkmanship
    Practice of pursuing a dangerous policy to the limits before stopping
  119. Brio
    Liveliness, spirit, vivacity
  120. Bristle
    To be visibly roused to anger
  121. Broach
    To mention or suggest for the first time
  122. Browbeat
    To intimidate by overbearing looks or words
  123. Brunt
    The main stress, force against something
  124. Brusque
    Abrupt in manner
  125. Brux
    To clench or grind teeth
  126. Bucolic
    Rustic, rural
  127. Buffoon
    A ridiculous but amusing person
  128. Bulbous
    Bulb-shaped, bulging
  129. Bulwark
    Any protection against something
  130. Bumptious
    Offensively self-assertive
  131. Buoyant
    Not easily depressed, cheerful
  132. Burgher
    Citizen of a town or city, usually the bourgeois
  133. Burlesque
    An absurd or comically exaggerated imitation of something
  134. Burnish
    To make smooth or bright
  135. Bustle
    To move in with a great show of energy
  136. Buttress
    any prop or support
  137. Bygone
    That which is past
  138. Byronic
    Alluringly dark, mysterious and moody
  139. Byzantine
    Excessively complicated and typically involving a great deal of administrative detail
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