Other A words

  1. Antipathy
    Natural dislike or repugnance
  2. Anterior
    Coming before in time or sequence
  3. Augean
    A task or problem requiring so much effort to complete or solve so as to seem impossible
  4. Acerbic
    Sour or bitterness in taste or expression
  5. Assail
    To make a concerted and violent attack on
  6. Artifice
    Crafty trick or strategy
  7. Antecede
    To go before
  8. Antecedent
    Prior or preceding
  9. Affront
    Personally offensive act or word
  10. Antithesis
    Opposition, contrast or the direct opposite
  11. A la carte
    According to the menu
  12. A la mode
    In or according to the fashion
  13. Abdicate
    To renounce a throne or some claim
  14. Abduct
    To carry off by force
  15. Abecedarian
    A pupil who is learning the letters of the alphabet
  16. Abirritant
    A soothing agent
  17. Abnormal
    Not conforming to rule
  18. Abort
    To bring to a sudden and premature end
  19. Aboulia
    Inability to make or act on decisions
  20. Abound
    To be in great plenty
  21. Abrupt
    Terminating or changing suddenly
  22. Abscond
    To depart in a sudden and secret manner
  23. Absolute
    Free from imperfection, complete, perfect
  24. Absolve
    Free from the consequences or penalties of actions
  25. Absonant
    Discordant or unreasonable
  26. Abstain
    Refrain voluntarily from
  27. Abstergent
  28. Abstinence
    Self- restraint, forbearance
  29. Abstract
    Conceptual as opposed to actual
  30. Absurd
    Contrary to reason or common sense
  31. Abundant
    Present in great quality
  32. Abyss
    A very deep chasm
  33. Acclaim
    To salute with words or sounds of joy
  34. Acclimatise
    To habituate to a new climate or environment
  35. Acclivity
    Upward slope
  36. Accord
    To grant, concede
  37. Accost
    To approach abruptly to ask a question
  38. Accouchement
    Period of confinement in childbirth and labour
  39. Accoutre
    To equip or array
  40. Accrete
    To add as by growth
  41. Accrue
    To accumulate in the course of time
  42. Acedia
    Sloth, spiritual apathy
  43. Acerbate
    To make sour or bitter
  44. Acetic
    Derived from producing vinegar or acid
  45. Acquiesce
    To comply quietly, assent tacitly
  46. Acrid
    Sharp or biting to the smell or taste
  47. Acrimony
    Sharpness or severity of temper
  48. Acritical
    Not critical
  49. Acrolect
    Social dialect of a given language judged to be the most prestigious
  50. Acumen
    Quickness of perception, mental acuity, keen insight
  51. Acute
    Sharp in effect, intense
  52. Ad libitum
    At one's pleasure, to any extent
  53. Adamant
    Firm in purpose of opinion, unyielding
  54. Adaptation
    Something produced by adapting
  55. Addle
    To muddle or confuse
  56. Adieu
  57. Adjuvant
    Serving to help or assist
  58. Ado
    Activity, bustle or fuss
  59. Adorn
    To make pleasing or more attractive
  60. Adscript
    Written after
  61. Adulate
    Show excessive admiration or indiscriminating devotion to
  62. Adumbrate
    Foreshadow or prefigure
  63. Advertent
    Attentive, heedful
  64. Advisement
    Careful deliberation or consideration and consultation
  65. Aeolian
    Blown or borne by the wind
  66. Affluent
    Having a lot of money or possessions
  67. Affranchise
    Release from servitude
  68. Afield
    Abroad, away from home
  69. Aforementioned
    Mentioned earlier or previously
  70. Agape
    With the mouth wide open as in wonder or surprise
  71. Agglomerate
    To collect or gather into a mass
  72. Aghast
    Struck with amazement
  73. Agnate
    A kinsman whose connection is traceable exclusively through males
  74. Agnostic
    Not committed to any particular point of view
  75. Agog
    In a state of wonder and amazement
  76. Agonism
    A theory that sees conflict an disagreement as an enduring positive aspect of a political system
  77. Agoraphobia
    Fear of being in public places
  78. Agrarian
    Rural, agricultural
  79. Aide-memoire
    A reminder, a memorandum of discussion
  80. Ailurophile
    A lover of cats
  81. Alacrity
    Liveliness, briskness, sprightliness
  82. Albeit
    Notwithstanding that
  83. Alfresco
    In the open air
  84. Algophobia
    Abnormal dread of pain
  85. Aliunde
    Not part of or derivable from the document itself
  86. Allay
    To put at rest
  87. Alliaceous
    Having the smell of garlic
  88. Allocution
    Formal address or speech
  89. Allonym
    Name of someone else assumed by the author of a work
  90. Allude
    Make an allusion to
  91. Allure
    Fascination, charm
  92. Aloof
    Reserved, disinterested
  93. Altercate
    Argue with zeal, heat or anger
  94. Altercation
    Heated or angry dispute
  95. Alternate
    To interchange repeatedly and regularly with another in time or place
  96. Alumnus
    Male graduate of an educational institution
  97. Alumna
    Female graduate of an educational institution
  98. Alumni
    A group of former students
  99. Amalgam
    A mixture or combination
  100. Amalgamate
    Mix so as to make a combination
  101. Amatory
    Relating to lovers
  102. Ambience
    Environment, surrounding atmosphere
  103. Ambient
    Immediate surroundings of something
  104. ambiguous
    Open to various interpretations
  105. Ambit
    Scope, extent
  106. Ambivalence
    The state of having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone
  107. Ambulatory
    Relating to or capable of walking
  108. Ameliorate
    To become better, improve
  109. Amenable
    Open and responsive to suggestion
  110. Amenity
    Desirable or useful feature of a place or situation
  111. Amicable
    Characterised by friendliness and absence of discord
  112. Amicus curiae
    Friend of the court
  113. Amity
    Friendship or harmony
  114. Amoral
    Without moral quality
  115. Amorous
    Inclined or disposed of to love
  116. Amour-propre
    Self-esteem, self-respect
  117. Amphibolous
    Ambiguous, equivocal
  118. Amuse-bouché
    Small serving of food to whet the appetite
  119. anagnorisis
    moment in a drama or play when a character makes a critical discovery
  120. Analogous
    Having analogy, corresponding in some particular
  121. Anathema
    A person or thing detested or loathed
  122. Androgynous
    having both male and female characteristics
  123. Anguine
    Resembling a snake
  124. Animosity
    Feeling of ill will or enmity
  125. Annal
    Register or record of events of a year
  126. Annunciate
  127. Anomalous
    Deviating from the common rule, irregular
  128. Anosmia
    Loss of the sense of smell
  129. Antilogy
    A contradiction in terms or ideas
  130. Antinomy
    Opposition between laws and principles
  131. Antiquary
    Expert on ancient things
  132. Apace
    With speed, swiftly
  133. Apadravya
    Body piercing consisting of a bar placed vertically along the penis
  134. Apagoge
    Technique of indirectly proving something by showing that the alternative is false, impossible or absurd
  135. Apathy
    lack of feeling, absence of passion
  136. Aperture
    Hole, slit, crack, gap
  137. Apiphobia
    Fear of bees
  138. Aplomb
    Poise or assurance
  139. Apodictic
    Clearly established or beyond dispute
  140. Apolitical
    Not political
  141. Apophthegm
    Concise saying or maxim, an aphorism
  142. Apoplectic
    Overcome with anger or rage
  143. Apoplexy
    Fit of rage
  144. Aposiopesis
    Sudden breaking off in the middle of a sentence
  145. Appellation
    Name, title or designation
  146. Appetency
    Strong natural craving, appetite or intense desire
  147. Arachnophobia
    Fear of spiders
  148. Ardent
    Very enthusiastic or passionate
  149. Ardour
    Great enthusiasm or passion
  150. Arduous
    Requiring great exertion
  151. armipotent
    Mighty in arms or war
  152. Arrant
    Complete, utter
  153. Array
    To place in proper or desired order
  154. Arrogate
    Take or claim without justification
  155. Asinine
    Extremely stupid, obstinate
  156. asperity
    Roughness or sharpness of temper
  157. Aspersion
    Damaging imputation
  158. Astraphobia
    Dread of lightning and thunder
  159. Astute
    Shrewd, sharp
  160. Asunder
    Separate parts
  161. Atone
    To make amends or reparation
  162. Augment
    To make larger, enlarge in size or extent
  163. Austere
    Harsh in manner, stern in appearance, forbidding
  164. Avant-garde
    The vanguard, leaders in any field
  165. Avarice
    Insatiable greed for riches
  166. Avid
    Keenly desirous
  167. Avow
    To state, assert, declare
  168. Apocalyptic
    Describing or prophesising the complete destruction of the world
  169. Appurtenances
    Accessories, accoutrements
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