Chapter 10 Developing educational materials

  1. Lecture might be an appropriate method for delivering a lesson that
    puts heavy emphasis on facts and the delivery of factual content
  2. If the learners need to be able to do something that they could not do before such as skills which method is appropriate
    A demonstration showing the skills being performed correctly by someone who already has those skills
  3. If the learners need to be able to think differently about something than they could before such as develop or modify attitudes which method is appropriate
    A discussion has been shown to be an effective strategy for dealing with attitudes
  4. What are the two benefits from using a lesson plan
    • Stability
    • Standardization
  5. What are the three components of a lesson plan
    • The goal
    • Instructional objectives
    • Subject content
  6. The goal is a _________ that describes the ________
    • broad general nonspecific statement
    • overall purpose of the instruction
  7. Instructional objectives are _________ that describe _________ once the lesson’s content has been presented and mastered.
    • specific statements
    • what the learner is expected to be able to do, know, or think differently about
  8. Instructional objectives are written in terms that include a ________, _________ and ________
    • Performance
    • Condition
    • Criteria
  9. Which component of the instructional objectives identifies, by name, the behavior that will be accepted as evidence of learning
  10. Which component of the instructional objectives includes the specific conditions under which the behavior will occur
  11. Which component of the instructional objectives specifies a measurable standard that must be met to be considered acceptable
  12. The _________ is the main focus of the lesson plan
    Subject Content
  13. A lecture presentation is _________ centered and most effective in _______
    • Leader (teacher)
    • large groups
  14. A discussion presentation is __________ centered and useful for ________
    • learner
    • problem solving & encourages reasoning/critical thinking
  15. What presentation strategy Illustrates and reinforces theory content.
  16. What presentation strategy is Helpful in increasing awareness of ideas, attitudes, and behaviors and what age group is it effective in
    • Storytelling
    • preschool to early elementary school age
  17. Which presentation strategy provides opportunities for learners to practice actions or behaviors in safety of a classroom setting
  18. Guidelines for presenting an oral health presentation should follow what three basic rules of public speaking
    • 1.Tell them what you are going to tell them.
    • 2.Tell them.
    • 3. Then, tell them what you told them
  19. What are cool colors, what are they considered and what are they good for
    • blues, greens, and purples
    • calming colors and thought to evoke a relaxed mood
    • front elements, such as shapes and designs, and for backgrounds
  20. What are hot colors, what are they considered and what are they good for
    • reds, oranges, and yellows
    • stimulating, energizing, and exciting colors
    • for calling attention to the most important elements of a design
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Chapter 10 Developing educational materials
Chapter 10 Developing educational materials