Vocabulary Unit 3

  1. Bluff
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    • adjective: direct and outspoken in a good-natured way
    • noun: a steep, high cliff or bank; an attempt to fool someone
    • verb: to deceive or trick; to try to fool others by putting on a confident front

    • Synonyms: (adj.) hearty; (n.) a ridge; a trick, hoax; (v.) to mislead, pretend, fake
    • Antonyms: (adj.) insincere, artful, sly
  2. Cautious
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    Adjective: avoiding unnecessary risks or mistakes

    • Synonyms: careful, watchful, wary, guarded
    • Antonyms: daring, reckless, wild
  3. Consist
    (used with of) to be made up of

    Synonyms: to contain, include, involve, comprise
  4. Despise
    to look down on intensely or feel contempt for, dislike strongly

    • Synonyms: to hate, scorn, detest, loathe
    • Antonyms: to love, admire, esteem, adore, praise
  5. Haven
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    a safe place

    • Synonyms: a harbor, port, refuge, retreat, shelter, sanctuary
    • Antonyms: a trap, snare, ambush
  6. miniature
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    • Noun: a very small copy, model, or painting
    • Adjective: on a very small scale

    • Synonyms: little, tiny, minute
    • Antonyms: huge, giant
  7. monarch
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    a person who rules over a kingdom or empire

    • Synonyms: a ruler, king, queen, emperor, empress, czar, sovereign
    • Antonyms: a subject, follower, commoner
  8. Obstacle
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    something that gets in the way

    • Synonyms: a hurdle, barrier, snag, hindrance
    • Antonyms: an aid, help, support, advantage
  9. Postpone
    to put off until later

    • Synonyms: to delay, suspend, shelve, defer
    • Antonyms: to advance, move up
  10. straggle
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    to stray off or trail behind; to spread out in a scattered fashion

    Synonyms: to ramble, drift, wander, roam, rove, detour
  11. treacherous
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    likely to betray; seemingly safe but actually dangerous

    • Synonyms: disloyal, untrustworthy, unreliable; chancy, deceptive, tricky, hazardous
    • Antonyms: faithful, trustworthy; safe, harmless
  12. vivid
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    bright and sharp, giving a clear picture; full of life

    • Synonyms: lively, intense, brilliant, dazzling, spirited, clear
    • Antonyms: lifeless, dull, drab, hazy, foggy
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