Biology IB Chapter 1.5

  1. steps to cells
    Production of Carbon Compounds such as sugars and amino acids

    Miller- Urey experiment

    • Assembly into Polymers

    Deep sea vents have a lot of energy.


    3.Formation of membranes

    If phospholipids and other amphipathic carbon compounds were the first to emerge, they would naturally turn into a bilayer.


    4.Development of Inheritance

    RNA could have been used at first.
  2. Endosymbiotic Theory:
    Helps explain the evolution of eukaryotic cells

    Mitochondria were once free living prokaryotes that had developed the process of aerobic cell respiration

    Larger prokaryotes that could only respire anaerobically took them in through endocytosis but did not digest them.

    Same goes for chloroplasts but this time for photosynthesis instead of aerobic respiration
  3. Comparing Bacteria and Mitochondria / Chloroplasts to Prove the Endosymbiosis Theory
    - They both reproduce through binary fission

    - They both have circular rings of DNA

    - They both have 70s ribosomes

    - Chloroplasts and mitochondria are double membrane bc of the engulfing process

    - They are the same size

    - Chloroplasts and mitochondria can divide independently
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