Booze- Sake

  1. Sake Ingredients
    • fermented alcohol using polished rice, koji, water, and yeast 
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  2. Higher Quality Sake
    • made with rice that has been polished to half its size
    • allows the koji to better work on the rice starch
  3. Daiginjo
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    • the highest quality sake 
    • at least 50% of grain polished away
    • WDI: Konteki Pearls of Simplicity
  4. Ginjo
    • Second highest quality sake
    • at least 40% of grain is polished away
  5. Honjozo
    • Distilled alcohol is added
    • WDI: Ichishima (Tokubetsi Honjozu)
  6. Junmai
    • no particular level of polishing required (percentage listed on bottle) 
    • No alcohol is added
    • pure rice sake
    • WDI: Suishin Melting Heart, Nanbury, all the unfiltered sakes
  7. Tokubetsu (Junmai or Honjozo)
    • Special
    • either made with proper sake rice, milled down to ginjo levels (no more than 60% of the original size of the grains remaining), or something "special"
  8. Futsu-Shu
    • "normal" or "table" sake 
    • no minimum milling/polishing required
  9. Gensu
    • undiluted, full strength sake (no water added)
    • most sake are diluted to 14%-15%
  10. Koshu
    aged sake
  11. Nama
    unpasteurized sake
  12. Nama Chozu
    sake that is pasteurized only once before bottling (other sake is done once or twice)
  13. Nigori
    • Unfiltered or "cloudy" sake
    • only partially filtered, pressed to retain rice sediment
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