History ch 11

  1. who wrote "The South Carolina Exposition and Protest"
    John C. Calhoun
  2. won the election of 1828
    Andrew Jackson
  3. Jackson's secretary of state
    Martin Van Buren
  4. what year did congress pass the "Tariff of Abomination" 
  5. what did the Cherokee call their trip to Oklahoma
    "Trail of Tears"
  6. what year was the force bill
  7. which president was known as "Old Hickory"
    President Andrew Jackson
  8. who helped president Jackson attack the national bank
    Roger Taney
  9. name of party organized to resist Jacksons programs
    Whig Party
  10. who was president of the National Bank during Jackson's Presidency
    Nicholas Biddle
  11. Jackson's order that lands can only be purchased by gold or silver
    Specie Circular
  12. first president to die in office serving the shortest term
    William Henry Harrison
  13. one of the greatest orators that opposed sectionalism
    Daniel Webster
  14. war fought concerning Mains border with Canada
    "Aroostook War"
  15. what means buying of land with the intention of selling at a profit when the market price rises
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