Word List 50

  1. volition
    act of making a conscious choice
  2. voluble
    fluent; glib; talkative
  3. voluminous
  4. voracious
  5. vouchsafe
  6. voyeur
    peeping tom
  7. vulpine
  8. waffle
    to speak equivocally about an issue
  9. waft
    moved gently by wind or waves
  10. waggish
    mischievous; tricky
  11. waif
    homeless child or animal
  12. wake
    path of something that has gone before
  13. wallow
    indulge in; become helpless
  14. wan
    having a pale or sickly color
  15. wanderlust
    strong longing to travel
  16. wangle
    to fake
  17. wanton
    lewd; lascivious
  18. warble
    to sing
  19. warren
    crowded conditions in which people live
  20. wastrel
  21. wax
    to increase
  22. waylay
    to ambush
  23. wean
    to give up cherished activity
  24. weather
    endure the effects of weather or other forces
  25. welt
    mark from a beating or whipping
  26. welter
    to wallow
  27. wheedle
    to cajole; coax
  28. whelp
    young animal
  29. whet
    to stimulate
  30. whiff
    puff or gust (of air, scent, etc)
  31. whinny
    to neigh like a horse
  32. whit
    smallest speck
  33. whittle
    to pare; cut off bits
  34. whorl
    ring of leaves around stem
  35. wince
    to flinch
  36. windfall
    fallen fruit; unexpected lucky event
  37. winnow
    to sift; separate good parts from bad
  38. wispy
    thin; slight; barely discernible
  39. wistful
    vaguely longing; sadly pensive
  40. witticism
    witty saying
  41. wizened
    withered; shriveled
  42. woe
    affliction; suffering
  43. wont
    custom; habitual procedure
  44. worldly
    not spiritual
  45. wrangle
    to quarrel; herd cattle
  46. wreak
    to inflict
  47. wrench
    to pull; strain; twist
  48. wrest
    to take by violence; wrench
  49. writ
    written command issued by a court
  50. writhe
    to twist; contort
  51. wry
  52. xenophobia
    fear of foreigners
  53. yen
    longing; urge
  54. yeoman
    middle-class man
  55. yokel
    country bumpkin who is unsophisticated
  56. yore
    time past
  57. zany
  58. zenith
    apex; summit
  59. zephyr
    a gentle breeze
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