1. BOLLINGER- - Who are they ?  Bollinger is a Champagne house,
    The House’s 170 hectares are planted with 85% of Grand Cru and Premier Cru vines, spread over seven main vineyards:
    • Aÿ,
    • Avenay,
    • Tauxières,
    • Louvois et Verzenay are planted with Pinot Noir,
    • Cuis with Chardonnay and
    • Champvoisy with Pinot Meunier.
    • Bollinger is one of a very few champagne Houses to produce the majority of their own grapes for their blends.-
    •  Mostly Champagne and one red wine Champagne:
  2. Special Cuvée,
    Bollinger Rosé,
    La Grande Année vintage and vintage Rosé, Bollinger R.D,
    Vielles Vignes Francaise. Red wine :
    La côte aux enfants - When were they established ? The Champagne house Renaudin Bollinger was founded on February 6,
    1829 in Aÿ by Hennequin de Villermont, Paul Levieux Renaudin and Jacques Bollinger.When Jacques Bollinger died in 1941, Emily Bollinger « Lilly » took over.
  3. Lilly expanded production through the purchase of more vineyards, but is better known for traveling the world to promote the brand. She was well-publicized in the Champagne régionIn 2008, for the first time in its history, the House placed its future into the care of a Chairman who was
    not a family member :Jérôme Philipon, he has extended his predecessor’s programme of modernisation and investment. - Why are  Efficient marketing positioning Bollinger and Bond is one of the most enduring marketing partnerships in motion picture history. Champagne Bollinger is featured in almost every Bond movie since Live And Let Die. 
  4. The majority of Bollinger’s grapes are produced in its own vineyards (60 %, which is exceptional in Champagne) in contrast to many other marques who buy in bulk from local growers QUALITATIVE CONTINUITY in the Bollinger style Owning
    164 hectares in the best crus of the Champagne region, Bollinger benefits a grape supply of superior quality, predominantly Pinot Noir which forms the backbone of the Bollinger style.Bollinger champagnes age more than twice as long as required by the Appellation rules. Only the First press is used in the vinification. Bollinger has held a royal warrant since 1884, when it was awarded by Queen Victoria. And it's remained a staple of the royal household ever since. - How is their business Run ?
  5.  Six generations of the Bollinger family have built up an impressive heritage, becoming one of the most emblematic Houses of the Champagne region.Today the House remains resolutely independent. Bollinger maintains 170 hectares of vineyards  2.5 million bottles produced per year  Turnover 2016 :
    83 566 600 € Big Internationale présence ( 87 % of the sale done for the export market )  In 2005, Champagne Ayala was acquired by the Bollinger family, who began a series of investments and improvement- Future plans or vision ? Diversification : Bollinger is planning new acquisition, Importers appreciate the diversity of a range. Previous acquisition : 1973 Langlois-château famous for his Sancerre and Cremant, 1999 Domaine Chanson in Burgundy, 2005 Champagne Ayala All property together global turnover for La Société Jacques Bollinger (SJB) is 140 millions euros  Decrease expected of Bollinger sales in volume in England due to the Brexit. Bollinger plans to compensate this with an increase of its exports in Spain, Italy, Japan and in the United States, his other key market. Bollinger is thinking biger : Here are the three focus point mentioned by Jerome Philippon during an interview in July 2017 - Make the différence : Remain faithful to the Bollinger values to be different, not by playing with the image or by overproducing, but be focus on what is in the glass! - Funding plan : modernising production facilities and increase Storage capacity (in tank and bottles)on the historical site the « Chaudes Terres » at Ay (Marne ; champagne). New winery (17000 hl), Storage area for more than 4 millions bottles. - Slowly but surely : Bollinger plans to buy vineyard to sustain their growth, they are very selective (only grands and premier crus).Main objectif is to sell more but sell at a higher price thanks to the development and to the support of their most expensive vintages and special cuvéesPage 1 of 2CommentsActivityMGWrite a commentPost a comment to start a discussion. @Mention someone to notify them.
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