1. A group (7) of Champagne houses originally called Boizel Chanoine Champagne (BCC). After the acquisition of Lanson in 2006 they renamed their group Lanson-BCC in 2010. Where are they based? The houses are based in; Reims, Epernay, Mareuil sur Ay & Les Riceys What do they produce? or What do they do? The group contains 7 Champagne Houses consisting of: o
    Champagne Lanson in Reims (1760) oChampagne Chanoine Frères in Reims (1730) oChampagne Besserat de Bellefon in Epernay (1843) oChampagne Boizel in Epernay (1834) oChampagne De Venoge in Epernay (1837) oChampagne Philipponnat in Mareuil-sur-Aÿ (1910) oChampagne Alexandre Bonnet in Les Riceys (1973) 
  2. Uniting various houses combing their unique wines to suit all customer choices. When were they established? 1991: group founded: 2 companies- Chanoine Freres and Champenoise design Grand Vins 1994: Champagne Boizel joined to create Boizel Chanoine Champagne Group 1997: aquired Champagne Philipponat and it’s vineyards Let Close des Goisses 1998: aquired Champagne Venoge and Alexandre Bonnet/it’s Riceys vineyards 2006:
    Champagne Lanson and Maison Burtin acquired oBecame one of Champagne leading market players 2010: Boizel Chanoine Champagne changed name to Lanson-BCC to reflect itself on an international level. Why are they significant or important? 
  3. Sell specialized Champagne to domestic and international market. oBring together some great champagne houses. How is their business run? 
    Net income decreased from €16 million in 2014 to €11.15 million in 2016 31.12.16: Shareholding structure: Bruno Paillard Family: 18%, Philippe Baikot Family: 20%, SAS Bruno Paillard: 23%, Roques-Boizel Family 17%, Public 13% Other: 9% Share price around €33.8 Allows public ability to invest in the group. Future plans or vision Champagne Lanson -long term strategy for regular premiumization, inc release of prestigious cuvees e.g. Clos Lason – single vineyard. Modernizing the facilities started in 2013. Launched Organic Champagne in 2017.Champagne Chanoine Frères – aiming for continual growth within France and export. Champagne Besserat de Bellefon – new lines e.g. Blanc de Noir & single vineyard biodynamic wine Champagne Boizel – Massive renovation of buildings on Avenue de Champagne (World Heritage site) Opening its flagship store Atelier 1834. Champagne De Venoge – Premiumization, redeveloping buildings. Champagne Philipponnat – aiming for value, building up presence in the UK Champagne Alexandre Bonnet – launching limited edition cuvees e.g. Harmonie de Blancs (Blanc de Blanc) and a move towards specialist roses.
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