MCQ - Colon - Colostomy and ileostomy

  1. MC complication of both end and loop colostomy?
    Parastomal herniaQ
  2. MC complication of ileostomy?
    Skin irritationQ
  3. MC early complication of ileostomy?
    Ischemic necrosisQ
  4. MC indications of stoma formation?
    • Colorectal cancer
    • Chronic ulcerative colitis and
    • Crohn’s diseaseQ
  5. Ileostomy revisions are most commonly performed for?
    Crohn’s diseaseQ
  6. Indications of Permanent ileostomy?
    For patients who require removal of the entire colon and rectum (Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitisQ)
  7. Indications of loop ileostomy?
    Cases where multiple and complex anastomoses must be performed distally (Crohn’s disease or CA rectumQ).
  8. What is Mercedes ProcedureQ?
    Used when there is discrepancy between the size of the ileal loop and the ileostomy stoma.
  9. Mercedes benz or seagull signQ?
    Rarely the centre of gallstone may contain radioluscent gas in a triradiate or biradiate fissure This gives characteristic dark shapes on radiograph.
  10. Mercedes sign incisionQ?
    Excision of xiphoid process and downward traction on the liver provides excellent exposure of the hepatic veins and suprahepatic IVC
  11. Treatment of stomal necrosis?
    • Necrosis extending to and beyond the fascia requires immediate reoperationQ.
    • Ischemia limited to a few millimeters is observed and may not result in any long-term sequelae
    • In emergencies and difficult cases such as the obese, distended bowel, and shortened mesentery, to ensure delivery of a viable stoma free of tension, the fascial aperture may be made largerQ.
  12. What is Guy rope Principle?
    • In the creation of a permanent ileostomy, a fully everted nipple ensures a good fit of the stomal appliance.
    • In normal bowel segment this may not pose a problem, but forceful attempts at eversion in diseased, thickened, and friable bowel may result in damage to the bowel segment.
    • In order to prevent this, guy rope principle is used to evert the necessary length of bowelQ
  13. Location of ileostomy and colostomy?
    • An ileostomy is usually sited in the right iliac fossaQ
    • A temporary colostomy may be transverse and sited in the right upper quadrantQ
    • End-colostomy is usually sited in the left iliac fossaQ
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