1. anterior
    the front
  2. ventral
    the belly side
  3. posterior
    • the back
    • behind
  4. dorsal
    the back
  5. cranial or cephlaic
    the head
  6. superior
  7. caudal
    the tail
  8. inferior
  9. medial
    toward the middle of the body
  10. lateral
    away from the body's middle
  11. proximal
    toward an attached base
  12. distal
    away from an attached base
  13. superficial
    near or close to the body surface
  14. deep
    farther from the body surface
  15. frons
    forehead (frontal)
  16. nasus
    nose (nasal)
  17. oculus
    eyes (orbital or ocular)
  18. cranium
    skull (cranial)
  19. facies
    face (facial)
  20. auris
    ear (otic)
  21. bucca
    cheek (buccal)
  22. cervicis
    neck (cervical)
  23. cephalon
    head (cephalic)
  24. oris
    mouth (oral)
  25. mentis
    chin (mental)
  26. thoracis
    thorax, chest (thoracic)
  27. axilla
    armpit (axillary)
  28. mamma
    breast (mammary)
  29. brachium
    arm (brachial)
  30. antecubitis
    front of elbow (antecubital)
  31. antebrachium
    forearm (antebrachial)
  32. abdomen
  33. umbilicus
    navel (umbilical)
  34. carpus
    wrist (carpal)
  35. pelvis
  36. palma
    palm (palmar)
  37. manus
    hand (manual)
  38. pollex
  39. digits or phalanges
    toes or fingers (digitals or phalangeal)
  40. inguen
    groin (inguinal)
  41. pubis
  42. patella
    kneecap (patellar)
  43. femur
    thigh (femoral)
  44. crus
    leg (crural)
  45. tarsus
    ankle (tarsal)
  46. pes
    foot (pedal)
  47. hallux
    great toe (big toe)
  48. acromion
  49. dorsum
    back (dorsal)
  50. olecranon
    back of elbow (olecranal)
  51. lumbus
    loin (lumbar)
  52. gluteus
    buttock (gluteal)
  53. popliteus
    back of knee (popliteal)
  54. sura
    calf (sural)
  55. calcaneus
    heel of foot (calcaneal)
  56. planta
    sole of foot (plantar)
  57. four quadrants
    • right upper quadrant left upper quadrant
    • right lower quadrant left lower quadrant
  58. abdominopelvic regions
    • right hypochondriac region, epigastric region, left hypochondriac region
    • right lumbar region, umbilical region, left lumbar region
    • right inguinal region, hypogastric (pubic) region, left inguinal region
  59. what organs are in the epigastric region?
    liver and stomach
  60. what organs are in the left hypochondriac region?
  61. what organs are in the umbilical region?
    small intestine, gallbladder, and large intestine
  62. what organs are in the hypogastric region?
    appendix and urinary bladder
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