Chapter 57 Disability

  1. ›A reserved area, clearly marked, near the building entrance and _____ wide access aisle permits opening car doors for exiting and reboarding).
    13-feet (8-foot car space with 5-foot)
  2. A _______ walkway is needed for wheelchair accommodation
  3. The dental chair should be able to lower to _______ from the floor and accessible from both sides for wheel-chair transfer
    19 inches
  4. An easily grasped handrail height ____ inches is needed on both sides
  5. The entrance to the office needs to have a lightweight door with a lever type of handle that opens (has a clearance of) at least ___ inches for a person
  6. Functional ability refers to the ability of an individual to accomplish
    daily living skills (bathing, toothbrushing, dressing, etc.).
  7. ›High Function Level: ADL/IADL LEVEL __
    • 0
    • The high-functioning, self-care group includes those capable of flossing and brushing their own teeth
  8. Moderate Functioning Level: ADL/IADL  Levels 1 & 2
    The moderate-functioning, partial-care group includes those capable of carrying out at least part of their oral hygiene needs but who require considerable training, assistance, and direct supervision
  9. Low Functioning Level: ADL/IADL Level __
    • 3
    • The low-functioning, total-care group includes those who are unable to attend to their own care and are therefore dependent
  10. When a patient _________ use of a dentifrice may be contraindicated
    cannot control saliva, rinse, or expectorate,
  11. A One-person Lift also called the _______ can be used when __________
    • “stand and pivot” technique
    • a patient can support his or her own weight.
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Chapter 57 Disability
Chapter 57 Disability