1. Does Passive Transport take energy?
  2. Describe the process of Cytolysis
    When the cell bursts due to water emerging the cell.
  3. How can sodium diffuse across the membrane?
    Facilitated diffusion
  4. Does osmosis require energy?
  5. Describe facilitated diffusion
    When substances move across the membrane with the help of carrier proteins
  6. What happens to a cells size during exocytosis?
    it gets bigger
  7. what is selectively permeable?
    when a membrane only lets certain things through it by active or passive transport
  8. What is it called when you put salt water on an onion cell?
    a hypertonic reaction
  9. Equilibrium
    When the molecules of two substances are evenly spread out in a solution
  10. Contractile Vacuole
    a vacuole that expels excess liquid
  11. Concentration
    something compacted
  12. Phagocytosis
    movement of large particles
  13. Plasmolysis
    when water leaves the cell and turgor pressure is lost
  14. Pinocytosis
    movement or solutes or liquids
  15. cytolysis
    when the cell bursts due to water emerging the cell.
  16. what are the different types of passive transport
    Diffusion, osmosis, facilitated diffusion,
  17. when solute concentration is equal
  18. Sprayed perfume spreading in a room
  19. How does sodium-potassium pump work
    moving sodium and potassium across the membrane using atp
  20. all types of active transport
    sodium potassium pump, endocytosis, exocytosis
  21. what allows ions to cross a cell membrane
    through ion channels with the concentration gradient
  22. what does the cell membrane use to transport large molecules across it?
    facilitated diffusion
  23. how does the cell remove waste out of the cell
  24. what makes up the cell membrane
    phospholipids, carrier proteins, and vesicles
  25. during exocytosis what happens to the cell membrane
    it gets bigger
  26. what is hypertonic
    what water rushes OUT of the cell
  27. what is hypotonic
    when water rushes INTO the cell
  28. what is isotonic
    When everything is equal
  29. how does phagocytosis work?
    the movement of large particles and lysosomes fuse with vesicles and destroy bacteria or viruses
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