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  1. confluence
    the meeting, joining, or flowing together at one point, originally used in relation to streams
  2. confound
    to confuse or puzzle; to mix-up; to be unable to distinguish
  3. congeal
    to jell or curdle; to coagulate; to form a loose solid
  4. congenital
    relating to a condition or characteristic had since birth, usually referring to a disease or deformity
  5. conjoin
    attach, come together, join
  6. conspicuous
    obvious; standing out; unhidden
  7. consternation
    extreme dismay or anxiety, usually caused by something unexpected occurring
  8. contemptuous
    showing or having the feeling that someone or something is inferior or worthless
  9. contentious
    argumentative or likely to cause an argument
  10. contiguous
    touching, connected, or sharing a border; uninterrupted; continuous
  11. contrite
    feeling sorry or apologetic
  12. contumacious
    willfully and intentionally rude and disobedient
  13. conviction
    a strong, firmly held belief
  14. cornucopia
    a symbol, literally or figuratively, of abundance, wealth, and plenty; when literal usually in the form of a horn overflowing with fruits and vegetables
  15. corporeal
    of the body; regarding the body
  16. corrugated
    shaped into ridges and grooves
  17. countervail
    to offset the effect of something with an equal but opposing force; to counter
  18. cower
    to shrink or cringe in fear
  19. crass
    crude and unrefined, usually used to describe a person or attitude
  20. credulity
    a tendency to be gullible; read to believe anything
  21. cryptic
    vague; coded; having a mysterious meaning
  22. cursory
    brief; without attention to detail; not thorough
  23. curtail
    to cut short; to reduce the time or quantity
  24. cynicism
    a negative and suspicious attitude; the expectation of the worst
  25. cynosure
    an object or person that has all the attention; the focal point
  26. dearth
    a lack or shortage; not having enough of something
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