Chapter 7 Understanding power and politics

  1. Based on inducements in exchange for contributions towards the managers objectives.
    Reward power
  2. Stems from the managers right to make a request because of the authority associated with job and rank in an organizational hierarchy.
    Legitimate power
  3. Based on possession of unique skills, knowledge, and competence.
    Expert power
  4. Based on access to valued data.
    Information power
  5. refers to the manager using relationships to achieve results.
    Connection power
  6. An attempt to diminish an opponent.
    A power play
  7. Based on the penalties a manager might impose on an individual or a group.
    Punishment or coercive power
  8. Refers to ones credibility, reputation, expertise, experience, control of resources or information, and ability to build trust.
    Personal power
  9. Two main sources of power that are important in political power are _____ and ______.
    Connection and information
  10. Based on admiration and respect for an individual.
    Referent power
  11. ________ Involves interpersonal endeavors, collective activities, analysis and planning, and image.
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Chapter 7 Understanding power and politics
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