Chapter 5 Initiating and managing change

  1. One who works to bring about a change and ensure the effectiveness of the unit atmosphere.
    Change agent
  2. Impede change because they push participants in opposite directions
    Restraining force
  3. facilitate change, push participants in the DESIRED direction.
    Driving force
  4. Stage that motivates the participants and builds trust/recognition.
    Unfreezing the existing equilibrium
  5. Reinforces the new patterns of behavior
  6. Diagnosis of the problem, and it involves the key people in data collection.
    The first step in Lippitt's phases of change
  7. Assessing the motivation
    The second step in Lippitt's phases of change
  8. Choosing a change agent
    The 5th step in Lippitt's phases of change
  9. Maintaining the change
    The 6th step in Lippitt's phases of change
  10. Havelocks model _____ with building a relationship.
  11. Acquiring resources and choosing the solution are ______ steps in Havelock's model.
    Middle steps
  12. Accepting the new procedure and moving on is stabilization and self- renewal. The ____ step in Havelocks model.
    Final step
  13. Seeks reinforcement of the action taken.
    The confirmation stage
  14. The innovation is put to use, and reinvention or alterations may occur.
    The implementation stage
  15. A favorable (or unfavorable) attitude toward the innovation forms.
    The persuasion stage
  16. The decision making unit is introduced to the innovation and begins to understand it.
    The Knowledge stage
  17. Strategies are based on the application of power by a legitimate authority.
  18. Model of change strategies, the power ingredient is knowledge.
  19. Strategies of change rest on the assumption that people act in accordance with social norms and values.
  20. Opposing the change
  21. Energy, confidence, realistic thinking, and trustworthiness are among the characteristics that successful ______ agents demonstrate.
    Change agents
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Chapter 5 Initiating and managing change
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