Chapter 4 leading, managing, and following

  1. Inborn characteristics are consistent with the _____ theory of leadership.
    Trait theory of leadership
  2. People learn new behaviors through direct experience, or by observing other people performing the behaviors, which results in positive and negative outcomes.
    The behavioral theory
  3. Assumes individuals are motivated by internal forces; the leader uses participation and majority rule to get work done.
    Democratic leadership theory
  4. When practice by a nurse with legitimate authority conferred by the organization and described in a job description.
    Formal leadership
  5. An emergency is best handled with one person in control, delegating activities.
  6. Exert little control; therefore this would not be appropriate in an emergency.
    Permissive leaders
  7. Seeks consensus and there is insufficient time in an emergency for this type of leadership.
  8. A leader who depends on rules and policies will be ineffective in an emergency situation.
    Bureaucratic leader
  9. a nurse who is Self-directed, proactive, supportive, committed, and has initiative is a constructive _______.
    constructive follower
  10. Managing day to day issues refers to ______ planning.
    Contingency planning.
  11. The process of continual assessment, planning, and evaluation to guide the future. The purpose is to create an image of the desired future and design ways to make those plans a reality.
    Strategic planning
  12. Focused on effecting change through a commitment to the organization's vision and seek to elevate followers.
    Transformational leader.
  13. Addresses complexity in organizations.
    The quantum theory
  14. Based on social exchange theory.
    Transactional leadership
  15. Involves personal competence
    Emotional leadership
  16. Based on the premise that in serving, one may be called to lead.
    Servant leadership
  17. Appeal to the individual's better selves.
    Transformational leader
  18. Would emphasize the reward associated with picking up a shift.
    Transactional leader
  19. Would ask for input into how to cover the shifts.
    Quantum leader
  20. Would assume the staff nurses would volunteer to cover the shifts.
    Servant leader
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Chapter 4 leading, managing, and following