1. What is Trespass
    Trespass is committed by a person who is improperly on someone else's property without permission
  2. State S129 SOCPA 2005
    A person commits the offence of trespass if he ENTERS or IS ON any protected site in Scotland as a trespasser.

    Protected site means: nuclear site and/or designated site
  3. State S130 SOCPA 2005
    A Constable in uniform may arrest any person he/she reasonably suspects is committing or has committed an offence under S129
  4. State S57 CGSA 1982. 'like offences'
    Creates an offence for any person to be found without lawful authority IN or ON any building or other premises (enclosed or not) or within its curtilage OR IN A vehicle or vessel so that in all the circumstances it may be reasonably inferred that they intended to commit theft
  5. State S68 CJPOA 1994. Aggravated
    Trespass on land (in the open air) and in relation to any lawful activity taking place on that land intimidates any person's so as to deter them from that lawful activity or obstructs that activity or disrupts that activity
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