1. Firearms safety rules
    Always establish if a weapon is loaded or unloaded prior to picking it up, handing it to, or taking it from anyone

    Makes safe any loaded weapon not required for immediate use by holstering it or placing selector to safe

    Never draw a weapon from your holster or place selector to fire unless you can justify doing so

    Always point the weapon in a safe direction and never at any person unless you can justify doing so within the law

    Keep your finger out of the trigger guard unless you believe there is an imminent threat to life
  2. State the safety rules for TASER
    • ALWAYS establish whether a taser is loaded or unloaded whenever you pick it up, hand it to, or take it from any person.
    • ONLY draw a taser from the holster OR place the selector switch to fire when you can justify doing so within the law
    • ALWAYS point a taser in a safe direction and never at any person unless you can justify doing so within the law
    • KEEP YOUR FINGER outside the trigger until you intend to fire
    • Avoid pointing taser directly into the eyes
    • Handle used probes with care and dispose of them safely
  3. Criteria for deployment
    An officer authorising has reason to suppose that officers may have to protect themselves or others from a person who:

    Is in possession or has immediate access to a firearm or other lethal weapon

    Is otherwise so dangerous that deployment of AFO's is considered appropriate

    An operational contingency, specific operation based on threat assessment

    For destruction of animals that are dangerous or suffering unnecessarily
  4. Self deployment
    Deploy if grounds exist for deployment and no time to contact control

    • Inform control ASAP
    • Adhere to Code of Ethics
    • PLAN
  5. S5 FA1968 Prohibited Weapons
    • MRWASP63
    • Military Weapons and Ammunition
    • Revolvers(smooth bore gun)
    • Weapons of whatever description
    • Automatic weapons
    • Self loading self contained gas cartridge
    • Pump action smooth bore gun
    • Less than 60cm overall length
    • Barrel less than 30cm in length
  6. OFFENCES possession
    • S16 - with intent to endanger life
    • S16a - intent to cause fear or violence
    • S17(1) - use a firearm to resist arrest
    • S17(2) - commit/arrested for sch1 offence
    • S18 - indictable offence/resist arrest
    • S19 - in a public place
    • S20(1) - trespass in a building
    • S20(2) - trespass on land
    • S21 - possession or acquisition convicted
  7. Firearms Powers
    • S47(1) hand firearm/ammo inspection
    • S47(2) failure to hand over
    • S48(1) hand certificate over inspection
    • S48(2) seize fail to hand certificate over
    • S48(3) fail to declare name & address
  8. The Air Weapon & Licensing Act Scotland 2015
    • S2. Requirement for air weapon certificate
    • (1) Creates an offence to USE, PURCHASE or ACQUIRE an air weapon without holding an air weapon certificate

    (2) Summary conviction not exceeding 12months

    Conviction/Jail <= 2 years
  9. Definition of Firearm
    A lethal barrelled weapon of any description from which any shot, bullet or other missile can be discharged and includes,

    any prohibited weapon whether lethal or not

    any component part of such a lethal or prohibited weapon

    any accessory to such weapons, designed or adapted to diminish the noise or flash caused by firing the weapon
  10. Define Shotgun
    • A shotgun is a smooth bore gun (not being an air gun) which has
    • a barrel length not less than 24"
    • a barrel bore not exceeding 2"
    • either has no magazine or
    • a non-detachable magazine incapable of holding more than 2 cartridges
    • is not a revolver
  11. What does S27 Firearms Act 1968 state?
    A firearm certificate shall not be granted to

    • persons prohibited by the act
    • a person of unsound mind
    • a person who is of intemperate habits
    • a person whom a CC has reason to believe is unfit to be entrusted with a firearm
  12. What is SCT 47 FA 1968
    A constable may require any person they reasonably suspect having a firearm with or without ammunition with them in a public place or to be committing/about to commit, elsewhere than in a public place, an offence relevant to this section, to hand over the firearm/any ammunition for examination
  13. What is S48 of the FA 1968
    • A constable may demand from any person whom they believe to be in possession of a firearm or ammunition to which Section 1 applies or of a shotgun
    • The production of their firearms/ shotgun certificate
  14. States 4 categories of Firearms
    • Air Weapons
    • Shotguns
    • Section 1 firearms
    • Prohibited Weapons
  15. What are the Aims of a Firearms Operation
    • LOCATE
    • Neutralize the threat posed
    • Primary aim is securing the safety of the public and all those involved in the incident
  16. What constitutes the use of a firearm.
    • A police officer is deemed to have used a firearm when it is
    • Pointed or aimed at another person
    • Fired at another person
    • Discharged, inc unintentional discharge
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