2nd Class Fireman

  1. Name 5 different types of water tube boilers
    • Heine
    • Stirling
    • Controlled circulation
    • Forced circulation
    • Natural circulation
  2. How does chapter 146 determine turbine horsepower?
    Based on OD of the steam supply line.

    • Less than 1 3/4 = less than 9hp
    • Greater than 1 3/4 but less than 3 1/2 = 50hp
    • Greater than 3 1/2 but less than 5.0 = 150hp
  3. What is a dry pipe?
    A dry pipe is installed in fire tube boilers and is used to separate the moisture from the steam before the steam reaches the steam outlet.
  4. What boiler horsepower requires periodic attendance?
    What boiler horsepower requires non-continuous attendance?
    What boiler horsepower requires continous attendance?
    • Periodic: 9 to 250 hp
    • Non-continuous: 251 to 500 hp
    • Continuous: over 501 hp
  5. What is a closed feed water heater?
    A shell and tube geat exchanger which does not allow steam and water to come in direct contact.
  6. What is an economizer?
    What does it do?
    • An economizer is heat recovery equipment .
    • Adds heat to the incoming feed water by reducing flue gas temperature.
  7. Explain how to cut-in a boiler equipped with a non-return valve?
    • Check water level and do walk around
    • Ignite fire, while boiler is warming open the bypass valve around the out side steam stop valve and with the free blow drain open warm the steam line from the header to the boiler.
    • When the presssure is equal, open the outside steam stop valve and close the bypass valve.
    • When the boiler pressure is about 80% of working pressure open the strem on the non-return valve.
    • When boiler pressure exceeds header presssure the non-return valve will open and the boiler will come on line.
    • Close free blow drain.
  8. Explain how you would respond to a low water condition?
    • Find true water level by blowing down the water column and gauge glass
    • If the water level is lowsecure the boiler (shut down the fuel) and continue to feed water to the boiler.
    • Investigate the cause.
  9. Name 3 methods used to determine the minumum safety valve relieving capacity?
    • Table PG-70 (code constants)
    • Code formula
    • Accumulation test
  10. What is spontaneous combustion?
    A type of combustion that occurs without an external ignition source. As oxidation occurs the temperature rises above the ignition point and combustion begins.
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