Mod 1 chptr 1 A&P book test 14th sept

  1. What is the smallest living unit?
    Cell is the smallest structural unit...
  2. Anatomy
    cutting up
  3. physiology
    study of funtions of living organism and their parts
  4. What plane divides into upper and lower halves
    • Transverse plane
    • >-/ /-<
    • --(--)-------
    • ...b b
  5. Cellular level of organization
    microscopice cell levels
  6. define Supine
    face upward
  7. define prone
    face down
  8. Define Pathelogy
    scientific study of disease

    path/o disease
  9. What is considered to be the highest level of organization
  10. Define dorsal
  11. Define anterior
  12. Define proximal
    nearest trunk
  13. medial
    toward the midline
  14. superficail
    near surface or top
  15. lateral
    to side
  16. distal
    away from
  17. deep
  18. what is a group of cellss working together to perform a specific function

  19. What is the simplest level of organization
  20. feed back loop
    most common to make body back to Homeostasis relative constancy of the internal enviroment
  21. two major cavities
    • Ventral- front
    • Dorsal - back
  22. sensore
    detects inbalance
  23. control center
    activates the help regulaters
  24. simple to complex
    • chemical
    • cellulare
    • tissueorgan
    • system
  25. midsagillal section
    divides into two = halves
  26. frontal or coronal
    lengthwise planee divides posterior and anteior
  27. tranverse
    horizontal plane divides upper and lower
  28. sagittal
    right and left = two = parts
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