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  1. George Washington
    Proclamation of Neutrality; national bank; Jay Treaty; Whiskey Rebellion; two-term tradition
  2. John Adams
    Federalist; First Party System; Alien and Sedition Acts $ Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions; XYZ Affair; Quasi War; Division of Federalist Party; Midnight Judges and appointment of John Marshall
  3. Thomas Jefferson
    Democratic-Republican; Election of 1800; 12th Amendment; Jeffersonian Democracy & Empire of Liberty; Louisiana Purchase; Barbary War; Marbury v. Madison; Embargo Act of 1807
  4. James Madison
    Father of Constitution & Federalist Papers; Second National Bank; War of 1812; Hartford Convention; Non-Intercourse Act; Tariff of 1816
  5. James Monroe
    Era Good Feelings; Missouri Compromise; Panic of 1819; Monroe Doctrine; Henry Clay
  6. John Quincy Adams
    Adams-Onis Treaty & Florida; Election of 1824; American system; Tariff of 1828 (Tariff of Abomination)
  7. Andrew Jackson
    Second Party system; Democratic Party; Jacksonian Democracy; Spoils System; Destruction of National Bank; Nullification Crisis; Trail of Tears; Second Great Awakening; Abolitionist Movement; Temperance Movement; Alexis de Tocqueville
  8. Martin Van Buren
    • Panic of 1837; Spoils System; Jacksonian Democracy
    • William Henry Harrison
    • Whig; high tariff; American system
  9. John Tyler
    Annexation of Texas; bank veto; Treat of Wanghia
  10. James K. Polk
    Mexican-American War; Walker Tariff; Independent Treasury System; Oregon Country; Seneca Falls; Frederick Douglass
  11. Zachary Taylor
    Whig; Free-Soil Party; California Gold Rush
  12. Millard Fillmore
    Wilmot Proviso; Comrpomise of 1850; Uncle Tom's Cabin
  13. Franklin Pierce
    Commodore Matthew Perry; Gadsden Purchase; Kansas-Nebraska Act; Ostend Manifesto; Know-Nothing Party
  14. James Buchanan
    Rise of Republican Party; Dred Scott Decision; Bleeding Kansas; Panic of 1857; Utah War; Republican domination of the House; John Brown's Raid
  15. Abraham Lincoln
    Freeport Doctrine; Election of 1860; Civil War; Gettysburg Address; Border States; Emancipation Proclamation; Trent Affair; Ten Percent Plan; 13th Amendment; Homestead Act; Morill Land-Grant Act; Wade-Davis Bill
  16. Andrew Johnson
    Recontruction; Radical Republicans; Black Codes; Freedmen's Bureau; 14th Amendment; Seward's Folly; The Grange; KKK; impeachment
  17. Ulysses S. Grant
    Panic 1873; 15th Amendment; Civil Rights Act of 1875; Whiskey Ring, Credit Mobilier; Black Friday; Battle of Little Big Horn; Transcontinental Railroad; Knights of Labor; Tammany Hall
  18. Rutherford B. Hayes
    Compromise of 1877;Great Railroad Strike of 1877; Greenback Party; Westward Migration; Jim Crow Laws
  19. James Garfield
    Gospel of Wealth; trusts
  20. Chester A. Arthur
    Chinese Exclusion Act; New Immigrants; Pendleton Civil Service Act; Standard Oil Trust
  21. Grover Cleveland
    Dawes Act; Interstate Commerec Act of 1887; Haymarket Square; American Federation of Labor; Taylorism
  22. Benjamin Harrison
    Massacre at Wounded Knee; Farmers' Alliance; Populist Party; Turner Thesis; McKinley Tariff; Sherman Silver Purchase Act; settlement houses; Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony; Sherman Antitrust Act
  23. Grover Cleveland
    • William Jennings Bryan; Panic of 1893; Pullman Strike; Wilson-Gorman Tariff
    • Act; Eugene V. Debs; Plessy v. Ferguson
  24. William McKinley
    Annexation of Hawaii;Open Door Policy; Social Darwinism; White Man's Burden; yellow journalism; Spanish-American War; Teller Amendment v. Platt Amendment; Anti-Imperialist League; Dingley Tariff
  25. Theodore Roosevelt
    Industrial Workers of the World; The Jungle; Panama Canal; Roosevelt Corollary; Social Gospel Movement; muckrakers; Square Deal; Pure Food and Drug Act; Meat Inspection Act; Athracite Coal Strike of 1902; Elkins Act; Hepburn Act; Gifford Pinchot; 16th Amendment; New Nationalism
  26. William H. Taft
    Ballinger-Pinchot Affair; Payne-Aldrich Tariff; 17th Amendment; Dollar Diplomacy; Booker T. Washington; NAACP
  27. Woodrow Wilson
    New Freedom; Election of 1912; Underwood Tariff; Seventeenth Amendment; Clayton Antitrust Act; Federal Reserve; Samuel Gompers; World War I; Fourteen Points; League of Nations; Liberty Bonds; Lever Food and Fuel Control Act; War Industries Board; Committee on Public Information; Espionage Act; Sedition Act of 1918; Great Migration; Red Scare; 18th Amendment; 19th Amendment; Naval Act of 1916
  28. Warren G. Harding
    Washington Conference of 1921; Normalcy; Fordney-McCumber Tariff; Teapot Dome Scandal
  29. Calvin Coolidge
    Henry Ford; laissez-faire; "Roaring Twenties"; federalism; Andrew W. Mellon; Kellogg-Briand Pact
  30. Herbert Hoover
    Smoot-Hawley Tariff; Hoovervilles; Bonus Army; Crash of 1929; Great Depression
  31. Franklin D. Roosevelt
    First Hundred Days; Fireside Chats; New Deal; TVA; AAA; Social Security Act; NIRA; Wagner Act; John Maynard Keynes; Indian Reorganization Act; Neutrality Acts; World War 2; Atlantic Charter; Yalta Conference; Fifth Party System; 21st Amendment; Good Neighbor Policy; Japanese Internment
  32. Harry S. Truman
    Taft-Hartley Act; Fair Deal; Hiroshima; United Nations; Marshall Plan; Truman Doctrine; Berlin Airlift; NATO; Chinese Civil War; Korean War; Cold War
  33. Dwight Eisenhower
    Space Race; Interstate Highway System; Brown v. Board of Education; Little Rock Nine; McCarthyism; Martin Luther King Jr.
  34. John F. Kennedy
    Bay of Pigs; Cuban Missle Crisis; Ngo Dinh Diem; New Frontier; Freedom Riders; Alliance for Progress
  35. Lyndon B. Johnson
    Great Society; Vietnam War; Medicare; Medicaid; Civil Rights Act of 1964; Voting Rights Act; Thurgood Marshall; Immigration Act of 1965; Robert McNamara; Tet Offensive; Six Day War;
  36. Richard Nixon
    Alger Hiss; détente; "silent majority'; Secret Bombing of Cambodia; Vietnamization; Environmental Protection Agency; Philadelphia Plan; Roe v. Wade;
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