History ch 9

  1. what case is John Marshall involved in
    Marbury vs. Madison
  2. who did the U.S. purchase Louisiana from
    France ($15 million)
  3. Name of the Shoshoni squaw that was Louis and Clark's guide
  4. who explored the upper Mississippi River (south side of Mississippi River)
    Zebulon Pike
  5. act that cut off all trade with Europe
    Embargo Act
  6. who was the best known hero of the Tripolitan War
    Stephen Decatur
  7. forbade trade with only England and France and replaced the embargo act
    Non-Intercourse Act
  8. Shawnee chief who led confederacy on white settlers in the east
  9. governor of Indian territory who led U.S. to victory at battle of Tippecanoe
    William Henry Harrison
  10. what treaty ended the War of 1812
    Treaty of Ghent
  11. what was the USS Constitution's nickname
    "Old Ironsides"
  12. who was called "War Hawks"
    John C. Calhoun
  13. who assisted in the negotiations of the Louisiana Territory
    James Monroe
  14. "Star Spangled Banner"
    Francis Scott Key
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