Supervisor Academy Week 2 day 3 CIS

  1. T/F Leaders use the same skill sets to manage static as well as dynamic critical incidents:
  2. If you are the first on scene of a critical incident what are you to do?
    • –Act
    • –Communicate
  3. Pre-Plans Intelligence
    Intelligence is a REQUIREMENT
  4. is the system designed to provide a consistent nationwide approach for Federal, State County & Local / PD,FD,PW
  5. What does NIMS stand for?
    National Incident Management System
  6. ICS Features (3) and Principles
    • 1. Common Terminology For All
    • –Mutual Aid 
    • 2.*Communications

    3. Accountability
  7. The First Line Supervisor On The Scene Of A Critical Incident Has Two Main Priorities:
    1.To Act

    2.To Communicate
  8. The debriefings have TWO major purposes:
    • Tactical
    • Emotional
  9. An effective span of control must be maintained how many RECOMMENDED BY FEMA - ?
  10. Public Info Officers Serves as a ______ of information to the media or other organizations seeking information directly from the incident scene
  11. Unity of Command means:
    only take orders from one person
  12. FEMA recommends a ratio of __ supervisor to __ reporting elements
    1 to 5
  13. If you don’t want to be the Incident Commander,
    Don't do it
  14. All responding agencies will jointly develop a common set of incident objectives and strategies, without losing or giving up agency authority, responsibility or accountability.
    Unified Command
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Supervisor Academy Week 2 day 3 CIS
Supervisor Academy Week 2 day 3