1. What is the measurement of a feature to determine absolute location?
  2. The term “precision” refers to what?
    Measurements (coordinates) aka grid location
  3. The term accuracy relates to what?
  4. Lower error gives what type of accuracy?
    Higher (better)
  5. CE is the geospatial position accuracy that is defined_______________ and expressed by what percentage? What percentage confidence for mensuration?
    Horizontal…….. 50%.........90% at mensuration
  6. Linear Error is the geospatial position accuracy that is defined_______________ and expressed by what percentage? What percentage confidence for mensuration?
    Vertical…….. 50%.........90% at mensuration
  7. What are the key ways to mitigate error?
    Training, Supervision, and mensuration
  8. What level should CE and LE be achieved and reported during Targeting?
  9. Explain TLE.
    The difference between perceived location and the actual location and it is intrinsic to the source or sensor
  10. TLE 90 is determined by the combination of what?
    CE90 and LE90
  11. The communication of Targeting accuracy across the targeting community is facilitated by what level of target location?
  12. Explain CEP.
    It is the radius around a target area within 50% of weapons should impact
  13. What is CEP intrinsic to?
    The Weapon
  14. What are the two primary vertical datums?
    HAE and MSL
  15. Explain HAE.
    It is the measurement above or below an ellipse of 3930 mile radius from the point at 45 degrees
  16. Explain MSL.
    The tidal datum of hourly elevation over a 19year period
  17. What is the geometric model datum that pertains to DPPDB?
    EGM 96
  18. What category is CE90 and LE90 in regards to targeting?
    CAT I….. 6m or 20ft
  19. What is the NGA validated program that allows transform geographic coordinates among a variety of datums and converted between coordinates and map projections?
  20. What is a base reference for a coordinate system used to model the earth?
  21. What are the 2 categories of a datum and explain?
    • Horizontal- grid coordinates
    • Vertical- elevation
  22. The vertical datum native to DPPDB is?
    HAE with EGM-96
  23. DPSS products can change to MSL and EGM 84 when?
    The weapon system is older
  24. What is the art and science of making measurements from photographs or imagery?
  25. What are the 3 basic imagery types?
    EO, IR, and SAR
  26. UTM is the basis of what?
  27. Error is inherent to both what?
    Source and weapon system
  28. Metadata provide what and allow what?
    Geo-coordinates and it allow the community to search and archive imagery
  29. How can shadows help identify? How can it hurt?
    • It helps identify features that may otherwise be unseen
    • It can also obscure details which make it hard to interpret
  30. What does wash out mean?
    Too much light in the image
  31. What is the deference between mono and stereo imagery?
    Mono is the 2D representation of the 3D world and stereo imagery use two angles of the same location which helps in height determination
  32. What are some key feature of characteristics that assist in terrain recognition?
    North seeking arrow, look angle, lakes and rivers, buildings and structures, light and shadows
  33. What are the key folders and files used for mensuration? Explain
    • Global holdings list- used only by US for mensuration
    • Master List- list of specific D numbers and located on C-drive or local network
    • NSL- maintain and distributed by the COCOM
  34. What should you do to DPPDB file of the Area of Operations?
    Purge obsolete files
  35. What is the typical size of a DPPDB image?
    4.2 GB and covers 60nm x 60nm
  36. When should you use a segment with a higher CE90 and LE90?
    When it doesn’t show the desired feature , raster burn or SOP/COCOM dictates
  37. Which files does the NGA maintain and post?
    Global holdings list, obsolete file lists, and DPPDB
  38. What is the typical size of a PFI?
    1-3 MB and covers 1KM x 1KM
  39. What are some applications that support PFI files?
  40. What manual covers TMO program?
    CJCSI 3505.01C
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