vocab 3 Final

  1. exasperation
    extreme annoyance or irritation, especially to the point of anger or frustration
  2. contrivance
    a plan or scheme
  3. hallucination
    a compelling false perception of objects or sensations which lack reality or external cause
  4. emulation
    effort or desire to equal or surpass another
  5. ostentation
    extravagant display intended to impress others or attract notice; vainglorious showiness
  6. cessation
    a stopping, either temporarily or permanently
  7. diffidence
    lack of self-confidence; timidity
  8. precipitate
    to hasten; to make something happen early
  9. provocation
    aggravation; the state of being stirred up
  10. profane
    not pertaining to what is sacred or biblical
  11. distraught
    mentally distracted by being pulled or driven in different directions; deeply agitated
  12. premonition
    forewarning; an instinctive foreboding
  13. discretion
    quality of being prudent, wary, cautiously reserved
  14. pathos
    a quality, especially in literature or art, that awakens feelings of sympathy, pity, compassion, or sorrow
  15. blasphemy
    profane speaking of God or of sacred things; an irreverent act or utterance
  16. labyrinth
    an intricate structure or system of winding, interconnection paths or passages; something highly intricate or perplexing in makeup
  17. enigma
    an obscure riddle or puzzle; a baffling situation or person
  18. introspection
    the act of looking within oneself; of searching one's conscience
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