Med Term

  1. Acne
    inflammatory condition of the subaceous glands and the hair folliciles. pimples
    absence of piment in the skin, hair, and eyes.
  3. Alopecia
    loss of hair bladness
    conditon in which there is a lack or complete absence of sweating
  5. BOIL
    acute, painful nodule formed in the subcutaneous layers of the skin, gland, or hair follicles
  6. BULLA
    larger blister;
    hardened skin
    infection of the skin or mucous membranes with any species of Candida.
  9. carbuncle
    infection of the subcutaneous tissue, usualy composed of a cluster of boils.
  10. cellulitis
    imflammation of celluar or connective tissue
  11. cicartrix
    scar left after the healing of a wound
  12. comedo
  13. corn
    horny induration and thickening of the skin on the toes caused by ill-fitting shoes
  14. cutaneous
    pertaining to the skin
  15. cyst
    closed sac that contains fluid, semifluid, or soild material
  16. decubitus
    bedsore. literally means a lying down.
  17. dehiscence
    separation or bursting open a surgical wound
  18. dermatitis
    inflammation of the skin
  19. dermatologist
    physician who specializes in the study of the skin
  20. dermatology
    study of the skin
  21. eczema
    inflammatory skin disease of the epidermis
  22. erythema
    redness of te skin
  23. erythroderma
    abnormal redness of the skin occuring over widespread areas of the body
  24. eschar
    slough, scab
  25. exudate
    production of pus or serum
  26. folliculitis
    imflammation of a follicle or follicles
  27. gangrene
    litterally means an eating sore
  28. herpes simplex
    an inflammatory skin disease caused by a herpes virus
  29. hives
    eruption of itching and burning swellings on the skin
  30. hyperhidrosis
    condition of excessive sweating
  31. hypodermic
    pertaining to under the skin or insterted under the skin, a
  32. icteric
    pertaining to jaundice
  33. impetigo
    skin infection marked by vesicles or bullae
  34. integumentary
    covering; the skin, consistinng of the dermis and the epidermis
  35. intradermal
    pertaining to whithin the skin,
  36. jaundice
    yellow; a symptom of a disease in which there is excessive bile in the blood; the skin, whites of the eyes, and mucous membranes are yellow
  37. keloid
    overgrowth of scar tissue caused by excessive collagen formation
  38. lentigo
    a flat, brownish spot on the skin sometimes caused by exposure to the sun and weather
  39. leukoderma
    localized loss of pigmentation of the skin
  40. melanocarinoma
    cancerous tumor that has black pigmentation
  41. melanoma
    malignant black mole or tumor
  42. millaria
    called prickly heat
  43. mole
    pigmented, elevated spot above the surface of the skin
  44. onychitis
    inflammation of the nail
  45. onychomycosis
    condition of the nail caused by a fungus
  46. perdiculosis
    condition of infestation with lice
  47. petechiae
    small, pinpoint, purplish hemorrhagic spots on the skin
  48. pruritus
    sever itching
  49. psoriasis
    chronic skin disease characterized by pink or dull- red lesions surmounted by silvery scaling
  50. purpura
    purplish discoloration of the skin caused by extravasation of blood into the tissue
  51. rubella
    systemic disease caused by a virus and characterized by a rash and fever;
  52. seborrhea
    excessive flow of oil from the sebaceous glands
  53. sebum
    fatty or oily secretion produced by the sebaceous glands
  54. striae
    streaks or likes on the breast, thighs, abdomen, or buttocks caused by weaking of elastic tissue
  55. subcutaneous
    pertaining to below the skin,
  56. subungual
    pertaining to below the nail
  57. tinea
  58. ulcer
    open lesion or sore of the epidermis or mucous membranes
  59. vitiligo
    skin conditon characterized ny white- milk patched surrounded by areas or normal pigmentation.
  60. wart
    elevation of viral orgins on the epidermis;
  61. xeroderma
    dry skin
  62. Bx
  63. decub
  64. FB
    foreign body
  65. FUO
    fever of undetermined origin
  66. Hx
  67. ung
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