Craven Ch 11 Critical Thinking and the Nursing Process: Foundations for Practice

  1. clinical experience
    Use of knowledge, critical thinking, and past performance to solve problems
  2. clinical reasoning
    Use of critical thinking to question why the patient has an abnormal finding
  3. competence
    Ability to understand rights and responsibilities
  4. critical thinking
    Purposeful process that is disciplined, active, multidimensional, reasonable, rational, and reflective to arrive at insight and draw conclusions
  5. diagnostic reasoning
    The process of gathering and clustering data to draw inferences and propose diagnoses
  6. diagnostic reasoning process
    Skills used to make nursing diagnoses
  7. human patient simulator
    A life-sized mannequin with a sophisticated computer interface, which presents clinical scenarios that evolve based on decisions a user makes
  8. learning styles
    How students learn best
  9. nursing judgment
    Knowledge, experience, critical thinking, and clinical reasoning
  10. nursing process
    Systematic approach to providing nursing care using assessment, diagnosis, outcome identification, planning, implementation, and evaluation
  11. primary source
    The patient
  12. reflection
    Identifying the main emotional themes contained in a communication and directing them back to the patient for the purpose of verifying and checking feelings that are being heard
  13. secondary sources
    Family, significant others, other healthcare professionals, health records, and literature review
  14. nursing process ADPIE
    assessment, (nursing) diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation
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