Gre Words

  1. Abscond
    To leave secretly
  2. Abate
    reduce in severity
  3. Abstain
    To choose not to do something
  4. Abyss
    Deep hole
  5. Adulterate
    To make impure
  6. Advocate
    to speak in favor
  7. Aesthetic
    appreciation of beauty
  8. Aggrandize
    To increase in powerm influence and reputation
  9. Alleviate
    To make more bearable
  10. Amalgamate
    To combine
  11. Ambiguous
    Doubtful or uncertain; able to be interpreted several ways
  12. Ameliorate
    To make better
  13. Anachronism
    Something out of place in time
  14. Analogous
  15. Anomaly
    Deviation from what is normal
  16. Antagonize
    To annoy or provoke
  17. Antipathy
    Extreme disklike
  18. Apathy
    lack of interest or emotion
  19. Arbitrate
    to judege a dispute between opposing parties
  20. Archaic
    Ancient, old fashioned
  21. Ardor
    Intense and passionate feeling
  22. Articulate
    Able to soeek clearly and expressively
  23. Assuage
    To make something unpleasant less severe
  24. Attenuate
    To reduce in force or degree, to weaken
  25. Audacious
    Fearless and daring
  26. Austere
    Severe or stern in appearance
  27. Banal
    boring, cliched, predicatable
  28. Bolster
    to support, to prop up
  29. Bombastic
    pompous in speech and manner
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