History 8

  1. first attorney general
    Edmund Randolph
  2. first secretary of state
    Thomas Jefferson
  3. first secretary of Treasury and established the first national bank
    Alexander Hamilton
  4. first appointed secretary of war
    Henry Knox
  5. first post master general
    Samuel Osgood
  6. first chief justice of the Supreme Court
    John Jay
  7. what caused the rebellion of 1794
    excise tax on whiskey
  8. what act established a mint and provided coinage of gold, silver, and copper
    Mint Act of 1792
  9. who were Alexander Hamilton's followers
  10. fort stormed during the French Revolution
  11. treaty that established the boundary disputes between the Spanish and the U.S.
    Pinckney Treaty
  12. what general defeated the Indians at the Battle of Fallen Timbers
    General Anthony Wayne
  13. Who was elected in the year 1800 for president
    Thomas Jefferson
  14. vice president under Jefferson
    caught in conspiracy
    Aaron Burr
  15. chief justice who established judicial review
    John Marshall
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