1. Adrift
    Loose from moorings and out of control
  2. Aft-end
    Near or toward the stern of the vessel
  3. All hands
    The entire ship's company, both officer and enlisted
  4. Allotment
    An amount of money a member has coming out of his regular pay
  5. Aye-aye
    Reply to an order or command meaning "I understand and will comply"
  6. Barracks
    Building where Sailors live
  7. Below
  8. Brightwork
    Brass or shiny metal kept polished rather than painted
  9. Bunk or rack
  10. Buoy
    An anchored float used as an aid to navigation or to mark the location of an object
  11. Carry on
    An order to resume work or duties
  12. Cast off
    To throw off; to let go; to unfurl
  13. Chain Locker
    Compartment in which anchor chain is stowed
  14. Chit, Chit book
    Coupon or receipt book
  15. Chow hall (mess deck)
    Place to eat
  16. Colors
    Raising or lowering of a national flag
  17. Deep six
    To dispose of by throwing over the side
  18. Ensign
    • National flag
    • Commissioned officer O-1
  19. Fast
    Snugly secured
  20. Fathom
    A unit of length (equal to 6 feet) used for measuring the depth of water
  21. Flag Officer
    Any commissioned officer in paygrade O-7 or above
  22. Galley
  23. Gangway
    • An opening in a bulwark or lifeline that provides access to a brow or accommodation ladder
    • An order meaning to clear the way
  24. Gear locker
    Storage room
  25. Geedunk
    Candy, gum or cafeteria
  26. General quarters
    Battle Stations
  27. Liberty
    Permission to leave the base (usually for not more than 48 hours)
  28. Lifeline
    Lines erected around the weatherdecks of a ship to prevent personnel from falling or being washed over the side
  29. Overhead
  30. Passageway
  31. Quarters
    Assembling of all hands for muster, instruction, and inspection
  32. Rating
    A job specialty title
  33. Reveille
    Wake up, start a new day
  34. Scullery
    Place to wash dishes
  35. Scuttlebutt
    • Drinking fountain
    • A rumor
  36. Secure
    • Lock, put away
    • Stop work
  37. Sickbay
    • Hospital
    • Medical clinic
  38. Swab
  39. Taps
    Time to sleep, end of day
  40. Tattoo
    Five minutes to taps
  41. Topside
  42. Turn to
    Begin work
  43. Working Aloft
    Working above the highest deck
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