Pain Management

  1. Pain Definition is?
    Unpleasant sensory and emotional experience arising from actual or potential tissue damage
  2. The basis for pain management is?
    The patient's description of pain.
  3. Pain is _ data?
    Subjective data.
  4. Always do what on each patient?
    A pain assessment
  5. 3 types of pain stimulus?
    • 1. Mechanical
    • 2. Thermal
    • 3. Chemical
  6. What is Mechanical stimuli?
    Trauma, surgery, tumor, or edema
  7. What is Thermal Stimuli?
    Extreme hot or cold
  8. What is Chemical Stimuli?
    Ischemia or muscle spasms
  9. What is Ischemia?
    Lack of blood supply
  10. What two things have to work together for pain?
    Sensory & Motor components.
  11. What are Nociceptors?
    Sensory pain receptors
  12. Nociception Process by what information?
    Information about tissue damage that is communicated to the CNS
  13. What 4 things happen in the nociceptive process?
    • 1. Transduction
    • 2. Transmission
    • 3. Perception
    • 4. Modulation
  14. Transduction of the nociceptive process is?
    Signaling the brain that something bad has happened.
  15. Transmission of the nociceptive process is?
    The pathway from the nerves up the spinal cord to the brain to relay the information.
  16. Perception of the nociceptive process is?
    How you perceive pain Vs. how someone else does.
  17. Modulation of the nociceptive process is?
    How your body responds or reacts to the pain stimuli
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