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  1. If a fishing vessel is displaying a 'nets' signal, how far are the nets out?
    > 150M
  2. What day shapes does a tow > 200m show?
    A diamond on both tug and tow
  3. What day shapes does a tow and tug under < 200m show?
    None, unless the tow is submerged, then diamond at the end of the tow.
  4. What can a fishing vessel show instead of inverted diamonds?
    A raised basket, if vessel < 20m
  5. A vessel engaged in underwater operations has one side balls and the other diamonds, what to they mean?
    • Balls: Where the operation is occuring
    • Diamonds: Safe passage
  6. What length of vessel can use a single combined green and red nav lights rather then separate?
    < 20m
  7. What extra light is shown on the stern of a towing vessel?
    Yellow above the white stern light
  8. Do towing vessels have more 'rights' than other vessels?
    Only when showing additional CBD, RAM lights
  9. List distress signals
    • N over C
    • Gun every min
    • Continuous fog sound
    • Rocket flares
    • Han flare
    • Any square flag above any round object
    • Burning tar barrel
    • Orange smoke
    • Slow hand flapping
  10. How is a tow measured?
    Stern to stern
  11. If a tow has more than one diamond, what is being indicated?
    The tow is partly submerged
  12. Single white light can signal?
    • Vessel under 50m at anchor
    • Vessel under 7m and under 7 knots
    • Stern of vessel underway
  13. A single all round white light can signal
    • Vessel under 50 at anchor
    • Vessel under 7m and under 7 knots
  14. Sailng boat mast head colours?
    Red over green.
  15. Is sailing mast head used in addition to or instead of other nav lights?
    • In addition to.
    • Red over green
    • Sailing and seen.
  16. What does EPIRB stand for?
    Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon
  17. Frequency of EPERB
  18. If activated, when is EPERB turned off?
    Once Coast Guard gives OK
  19. What is a PLB
    Personal Location Becon
  20. Define WOBBLE
    • W = water filter
    • O = Oil
    • B = Belt
    • B = Bilges
    • L = Levels - coolant
    • E = Engine/Exhaust
  21. How is engine water filter cleaned?
    • Shut seacock
    • Remove the filter and give it a good rinse under the tap
    • Prime?
    • Replace filter, check not X threaded and O-ring in place
    • Open seacock
  22. How show boat be prepared for a storm?
    • Tidy up
    • Hatches
    • Prepare food
    • Harnesses
    • Reef or storm sails
    • Life raft set to deploy
    • Anchor/Chain secure
  23. How is storm jib deployed on Ariel
    • Create forestay with Spinnaker halliard
    • Hank storm jib to new forestay
  24. How is storm trisail deployed on Ariel?
    • Sail is loose-footed
    • Lower boom to deck on windward side (weight helps healing)
    • Sheet through quarter blocks and to main winches
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