DHE quiz chapter 6,12

  1. The oral epithelium grow deeper into the ectomesenchyme and produces the layer
    dental lamina
  2. The dental papila produces
    dentin and pulp
  3. after the inner enamel epithelium differentiates into ameloblast the outer cells of the dental papila induced into
    • odontoblast¬†
    • reciprocal induction
  4. which embryonic structure is specifically responsible for the development of the root
    cervical loop
  5. HERS is entirely composed of
    inner and outer enamel epithelium
  6. dental lamina is an embryonic structure that develops from the
    oral epithelium
  7. how many buds in the dental lamina on each dental arch during odontogenesis during embryonic period
  8. nonsuccessedinous permanet teeth develop from the buds that grow of extension from
    primary second molars dental lamina
  9. the outer cells of the dental papilla are induced to differentiate into
  10. preameloblast come from
    inner enamel epithelium
  11. cementoblast?
    dental sac
  12. where do the odontoblast reside?
    outer puplal wall of the tube
  13. which structure becomes dental enamel junction?
    basement membrane
  14. which permanent teeth can be considered nonsuccedenoius?
  15. which of the is the most common complication associated with dens in dente?
    lingual pit formation
  16. what is the angle portion of the ameloblast that secrete the enamel matrix?
    tomes processes
  17. into which cells types of the inner enamel epithelium differentiate into during tooth development
  18. which cell type is not removable during lifetime of tooth
  19. failure HERS separation from dentin surface during root development
    enamel pearls
  20. crytaline formation of enamel formation consist
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DHE quiz chapter 6,12
DHE quiz chapter 6,12