1. At all times, when visible while directing traffic or on the roadway controlling traffic, members shall:
    Wear the Department-issued high-visibility vest as the outermost garment.
  2. According to OM 7-2, Block 58 (A&B) of the Traffic Citation/TraCS Traffic Citation shall be marked "yes" if the Traffic Citation is issued to a juvenile for a violation of Section ________of the Vehicle Code and their parent or legal guardian have been notified.?
    1543 (Diving While Operating Privilege Is Suspended or Revoked)
  3. The Department shall provide a copy of an investigative report, minus attachments, to the immediate family or department of a _______________, who has been killed in the performance of their duties. Members shall provide a copy of the investigative report for municipal police departments and fire departments within their Troop or Station area.
    • Police officer
    • Firefighter
    • Ambulance service or rescue squad member
  4. According to AR 8-6, Selective Traffic Enforcement Programs, civilian clothes patrol shall not be instituted without the prior authorization of the __________________________.
    Patrol Section Supervisor or Station Commander
  5. Supervisors have __________ from the time a member/employee submits a premium time entry(s) via the Systems, Applications, and Products (SAP) Cross-Applications Time Sheet (CATS) reporting system to approve or reject the entry(s).? After ________, approvals/rejections can be done by either the supervisor or the reviewing officer.jQuery110105887063967958533_1506468692501?????
    48 hours, 48 hours?
  6. All recordings uploaded to MVR servers will be automatically deleted ________ after the date the recording was uploaded to the server.? Therefore, recordings required to be duplicated/retained in accordance with FR 6-12 must be duplicated within ________ of the incident/recording.? A request for duplication/retention of a recording after the automatic ______ deletion period cannot be processed.
    45 days
  7. The Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare ChildLine shall be contacted by the investigating officer at 1-800-932-0313 for assistance as soon as it becomes apparent that an accused delinquent in the custody of a member/enforcement officer may be held securely at a Department installation or elsewhere in excess of _________.
    six hours
  8. Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) between the PSP and school entities shall be retained _____________________.
    until renewed or cancelled.
  9. According to FR 1-1, Members may enlist, reenlist, or accept a commission in any federal or state military organization only with the approval of ________________.
    the Commissioner.
  10. O.M. 7-2, Chapter 7, states that during Operation Safe Highways Initiative through Effective Law Enforcement and Detection (SHIELD)/criminal enforcement vehicle stops in which evidence of a crime is discovered and prosecution is anticipated block 2 (Location ? Zone) of the Incident Report/Incident Report ? Part II shall include ______________________.
    the direction of travel.
  11. Within a Troop, the Report Correction Notice original shall be attached to the report being returned.? When received, appropriate corrections shall be made on the report.? The corrected report and the notice shall be returned ________________________________________ .
    upon completion of the shift during which the notice is received.
  12. According to AR 9-30 (Sexual Offender Registration), a ?neighbor? is defined as: Persons occupying both residences and places of employment within a _________ radius of a sexually violent predator?s residence, a sexually violent delinquent child?s residence, or a transient?s location; or the ______________ residences and places of employment in proximity to the sexually violent predator?s residence, a sexually violent delinquent child?s residence, or a transient?s location, whichever is greater.
    250-foot; 25 most immediate
  13. According to AR 4-41, the __________________ shall notify the Commander, Heritage Affairs Section (HAS), of any pre-planned community events involving minority and/or underserved community organizations that will be occurring in their assigned area, including any meetings with leaders from these communities.? Notification to HAS shall be made no later than __________ prior to such events via email at ra-pspheritageaffair@pa.gov.
    Troop Community Services Officer; 48 hours
  14. According to AR 6-1 (Department Information) personnel shall, upon request, provide information pertaining to a) any statement made by an accused; b) a refusal to give a statement or take a polygraph test; and c) results of any test(s) taken by the defendant.
    False (AR 6-1 1.04 A.1 g) Ensure information furnished to the public and news media does not include the existence of: (1) any statement made by the accused (2) a refusal to give a statement of take a polygraph test (3) results of any test(s) taken by the defendant. Note: In accordance with OM 7-2, Field Reporting, blood alcohol content (BAC) results, or a statement that an accused refused to submit to chemical testing, shall not be included from alcohol-related traffic incidents.?
  15. An offense under Section 5503, Disorderly Conduct, is a __________________, if the intent of the actor is to cause substantial harm or serious inconvenience, or if he persists in disorderly conduct after reasonable warning or request to desist.
    Misdemeanor of the third degree
  16. Under Section 5503, Disorderly Conduct: a public place would include which of the following?
    • Interstate 80
    • Walmart, during normal business hours
    • Monroe County Prison
    • Martz Trailways station
    • The definition of the word ?public? means affecting or likely to affect persons in a place to which the public or a substantial group has access; among the places included are highways, transportation facilities, schools, prisons, apartment houses, places of business or amusement, any neighborhood, or any premises which are open to the public.
  17. According to AR 4-9, a Pre-Disciplinary Conference (PDC) shall be held within ______ working days from the date a completed investigation or notification from a supervisor of performance deficiencies is reviewed by the Commander or Director.
  18. According to AR 3-3, Custodial Officers shall also sign the Receiving Officer-Badge No. block on the Property Record when accepting evidence from another member:
    False (OM 7-2 Chapter 10 (Property Record) E.8) RECEIVING OFFICER?BADGE NO.:? The member/enforcement officer receiving the property shall type or print their name and badge number.? Custodial Officers shall not sign in this block; enter N/A if appropriate. (Custodial Officers receiving property will sign the item(s) directly into the PMS by placing their initials/badge number within block 26-CUSTODIAL OFFICER'S INIT./BADGE NO.).
  19. According to FR 6-10, Police Pursuits, Legal Intervention, Roadblocks, Pennsylvania Police Pursuit Reporting System and Pursuit Analysis, if a police pursuit continues into another state and the appropriate agency has joined the pursuit:
    pursuing members shall reduce their role to that of a secondary unit or support unit (FR 6-10 10.04 B.4) If a pursuit continues into another state and the appropriate agency from that state has joined the pursuit, the pursuing member(s) shall reduce their role to that of a secondary unit or a support role, as conditions permit.
  20. If notice of cancellation is communicated to a member two or more hours prior to the start time of a work zone detail, the member will_____________________________.? A telephone message left at the member?s telephone number of record with the Department two or more hours prior to the beginning of the member?s scheduled overtime assignment shall constitute notice of cancellation.
    • not be entitled to work or compensation.
    • Bonus Information: When notice of cancellation is not communicated to the member in accordance with the aforementioned provision, the member shall promptly be advised the overtime assignment has been cancelled.? The member shall then elect to do one of the following:
    • A. Decline to work and be compensated for 30 minutes of the member?s regular hourly rate of pay, less applicable deductions.
    • B. Work four hours within the work zone providing queue monitoring or enforcement efforts as outlined in paragraph 17.01 of this regulation, and be compensated at the rate of time and one half of the member?s regular hourly rate of pay, less applicable deductions.
  21. Corporal Exam Question:
    • According to ?AR 6-2, Right-to-Know Law, which of the following is not included in the definition of ?Record??
    • training materials
    • text messages
    • voice messages
    • email
    • None of the above (all are considered ?records?) (AR 6-2 1.03 J) The term "record" includes without limitation written, printed, photocopied and?????? electronically-generated documents, memoranda, reports, emails, correspondence, voice and text messages, audio and video recordings, photographs, images, diagrams, books, manuals, regulations, training materials, and other publications.?
  22. You have been designated by the Troop Commander to monitor a member who has been placed into the Early intervention Program. As such, some steps you should take include:
    Meet with the identified member and discuss the behavioral factors which appear problematic. Afford him/her the opportunity to review the documentation that is relevant to their inclusion in the EIP.
  23. According to FR 5-5, subpoenas shall only be accepted for personnel currently assigned to the location where the personal service attempt occurs.
    True.? (FR 5-5 5.09 A.1) Subpoenas shall only be accepted for personnel currently assigned to that location.? If the person named in the subpoena is not currently assigned to the location where the subpoena is served, the server should be directed to the current process server location of the person named in the subpoena.? Subpoenas for the Commissioner or Custodian of Records may be accepted at any location and shall be immediately forwarded to Department Headquarters, Right-to-Know/Subpoena Section.? Subpoenas for separated personnel may be accepted at the former installation of such personnel.
  24. Which of the following information are Members REQUIRED to provide to the Station when transporting a prisoner in a Department vehicle?
    Arrest location and destination, Number and sex of prisoners, Starting and ending time, Starting and ending mileage.
  25. Weapons/Equipment Maintenance Logs shall be retained ______ ?and purged annually.
    Two years
  26. According to AR 8-3, Operation CARE (Combined Accident Reduction Effort) activities shall be conducted during the following enforcement periods:
    • 1.???????? Buckle Up America Week and Memorial Day.
    • 2.???????? Independence Day.
    • 3.???????? Labor Day.
    • 4.???????? Thanksgiving.
    • 5.???????? Operation CARE Lifesaver Weekend (weekend before Christmas).
    • All of the above.
  27. In determining whether an indoor marijuana growing operation is hazardous, which of the following conditions is not considered according to AR 9-1:
    • 3. Prior law enforcement history with the resident(s) and/or locale.? (AR 9-1 1.01 B)
    • In determining whether an indoor marijuana growing operation is hazardous, members shall determine whether the following conditions exist:
    • 1.???????? Presence of unknown and/or improperly stored chemicals.
    • 2.???????? Electrocution threat through the combined presence of standing water or wet conditions, grow lights, or other electrical devices.
    • 3.???????? Presence of warm, humid, wet, and/or improperly ventilated environments which significantly increase the possibility of fungi, toxic mold, bacteria, or other unhealthy air quality.
    • 4.???????? Visible mold or fungi, whether on walls, ceilings, plants, or other objects in the room.
    • 5.???????? Suspected countermeasures directed towards law enforcement personnel.
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