Neurophys 4

  1. Sensory info enters the spinal cord via?
    Dorsal side through the DRG.
  2. Motor output leaves spinal cord via?
    Ventral rootlets (ventral side)
  3. CT scan is a series of ____________ passed through the head
    X-ray beams
  4. CT scans end up as what type of image?
    Cross section - shows structure not function
  5. PET Scan uses what to see?
    Radioactive material. (oxygen/flourine) When the material breaks down it gives off a Positron and a neutron. When a positron and an electron mate, a gamma ray is born and a gamma ray detector picks this up and provides an image of brain activity (adv.) a dissadvantage is the fact we just swallowed a radioactive material. EXTREME
  6. MRI uses what to create a picture?
    • Radio frequency signals
    • Adv- No x-rays or radioactive material
    • Disadv- People who are claustrophobic or who have metallic devices can not recieve an MRI
  7. fMRI Detects ____________ to ____________. Provides an _____________ and a ___________ view of the brain
    Detects changes of blood flow to particular areas of the brain. It provides an anatomical and fundimental view of the brain
  8. Angiography involves a series of _________ after a ________is injected into the blood stream. It provides an image of the _________ of the brain.
    Involves a series of x-rays after a dye is injected into the blood stream. Provides an image of the blood vessels of the brain.
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