Words from Greek Roots (4)

  1. anemic
    a: having an insufficient number of red blood cells: without strength or vigor
  2. calligraphy
    n: the art of beautiful handwriting; penmanship
  3. dehydrated
    a: having had all (most of) the water removed

    dried out
  4. geriatrics
    n: the branch of medicine treating the diseases of old age

    medicine of old people
  5. hemophilia
    n: a condition, transmitted by females but occurring in males, in which the blood does not clot properly
  6. hydraulic
    a: operated by the movement and force of fluid
  7. lexicographer
    n: a person who compiles or writes dictionaries
  8. lithograph
    n: artistic print produced on a stone or plate

    art print
  9. monogram
    n: a design made by combining two or more letters, generally the initials of a name
  10. monolithic
    a: large and as unified and unyielding as a great stone

    great big rock
  11. podiatrist
    n: one who specialized in the treatment and prevention of foot aliment
  12. toxemia
    n: a condition characterized by poison in the bloodstream

    poison in the blood
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