Words from Greek Roots (3)

  1. agnostic
    • n: a person who believes that the human mind cannot know the nature of God or whether this is a God; 
    • a: characteristic of such a belief
  2. dogmatic
    a: controlled by a single teaching or doctrine; asserted without sufficient proof; overpositive without reasoned evidence
  3. dynamic
    a: having power and physical energy; vigorous

  4. dynasty
    n: the succession of power, as by members of one political group or family of rulers

    power passed down within a family
  5. ergonomics
    n: the study of the problems that people have in adjusting to their environment, especially when that environment may be changing; the science dealing with the adjustment of working conditions to suit the laborers
  6. metallurgy
    n: the science or technology of removing metal from ores

    study on how to make metal
  7. misogamist;
    n: a person with an intense dislike for marriage

    person who hates marriage
  8. monogamous
    a: related to the practice of being married to only one person at a time
  9. orthodox
    a: confirming to established or proper beliefs, teachings, or customs; conventional

    ordinary, straight, normal
  10. parasoxical
    a: possessing (apparently) contradictory teaching or opinion; self-contradictory
  11. prognosis
    n: a forecast or prediction, as of the outcome of a diagnosed illness; foreknowledge

    how it will play out after diagnosed
  12. synergetic
    a: related to working together in a cooperative manner to produce a greater effect than could be accomplished through individual labor
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