Words from Greek Roots (2)

  1. anachronism
    n: (the representation of) anything out of the proper place in time

    something out of its time
  2. chronograph
    n: an instrument for measuring (and recording) brief periods of time; a digital clock or watch

    stop watch
  3. chronological
    a: arranged in a time sequence, as by order of occurrence
  4. cosmonaut
    n: a Russian who travels in outer space; an astronaut

    star sailer
  5. cosmopolitan
    a: not limited to a single nation or order; universal; 

    n: a person possessing the polish and wisdom of wide experience
  6. cyclorama
    n: a circular room with murals, usually presenting a single setting or scene, painted all around the walls

    old form of a museum display
  7. demagogue
    n: a person who will resort to virtually any tactic to gain power over people, as over a population
  8. dermatologist
    n: a physician specializing in diseases of the skin
  9. encyclopedic
    a: comprehensive in scope; having or presenting information on many subjects
  10. endemic
    a: native to a region or people; limited to an constantly present in a specific locality
  11. pandemic
    a: occurring over a wide geographical area and affecting a lot of people; epidemic over a large region
  12. taxidermy
    n: the art of stuffing and mounting the skins of animals for the purpose of making them appear lifelike
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