Words from Greek Roots (1)

  1. anarchist
    n: a person who believes that all forms of governmental rule are bad because they interfere with human liberty; one who engages in activities to destroy all forms of government
  2. anthropology
    n: the study of (early) humans and their intitutions
  3. archaic
    a: of an earlier time and therefore out of fashion; ancient or antiquated

    really old
  4. archetype
    n: an original or ancient model or pattern from which later copies are made; a perfect example of a type o group
  5. astrology
    • n: a pseudoscience based on the assumption that the stars and planets directly influence the lives
    • of people
  6. astronomical
    a: literally, in numbers seemingly as great as the starts; extremely large, as in number or quality
  7. automaton
    n: an apparatus or person that works mechanically and repetitively; a mechanical individual
  8. autonomous
    a: functioning independently of outside interference or control
  9. biodegradable
    a: capable of decaying naturally, as by processes exacted by other living organisms, and being reabsorbed into the environment

    people to dirt
  10. misanthrope
    n: an individual who hates or distrust peopleĀ  generally

    doesn't like people
  11. symbiotic
    a: living together, as two types of organisms, to the benefit of both; mutually beneficial
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Words from Greek Roots (1)
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