Well Deck Stern Gate Operations

  1. The WDCO is normally the First Lieutenant. The WDCO performs the following functions:

    Controls all well deck operations
    Controls overall ballasting operations
    Keeps the Debark Control Officer (DCO) informed of the depth of water at the sill
  2. The Well Deck Safety Officer, normally a senior Petty Officer, conducts safety and procedural briefs for well deck evolutions.
    This brief will include, as a minimum, the following information:

    The requirement for complete battle dress, inherently buoyant or automatically inflating life preservers, safety shoes, protective head gear, and hearing protection
    The sequence of planned or anticipated well deck evolutions
    Expected conditions in the well when the ship is on station, including swell and depth of water at the sill
    Ship's speed
    Communications circuits, signals, and standard commands
    Anticipated craft orders after entering or when alive in the well
    Line-handling intentions
    Man-overboard or man-in-the-well procedures
    Procedural changes at darken ship
  3. The Ramp Marshal and Petty Officer in Charge (POIC) are responsible for carrying out the instructions of the WDCO. The POIC and Ramp Marshal will wear yellow helmets and may wear yellow, auto-inflated, Mk I life vests for ease of identification.
    The Ramp Marshal directs a Landing Craft Air Cushion's (LCAC's) final approach to the well deck via hand signals.
  4. Phone Talkers are assigned to the following stations with the minimum ratings:

    Ballast Control – either a qualified Hull Technician 2nd or 3rd Class
    Bridge – qualified Seaman from Executive (X) Division
    Compressor Room – qualified Fireman and can also be the Compressor Room Operator
    Debark Control – qualified Petty Officer 3rd Class/Seaman from X Division
    Damage Control Central – qualified Fireman
    Sea Ballast Control Stations – qualified Fireman and can also be a Sea Ballast Control Station Operator

    Stern Gate – qualified Fireman and can also be the Stern Gate Operator
  5. Line Captains ensure that Line Handlers tend the lines a minimum of 18 inches away from cleats and 24 inches from the T-bitts.
    The Line Captains check all line-handling stations to ensure they are properly manned, their personnel are in full battle dress, and the lines are on station, faked out, and free for running.
    The Line Captains are located in well deck control and are Boatswain's Mate 2nd or 3rd Class
  6. Line Handlers position the marriage blocks, lines, and marriage chains in the well. The Line Handlers are located in the well deck.
    Line Handlers are Seaman.
  7. Your ship has just begun a stern gate marriage operation. Which of the following functions will be performed by the Well Deck Control Officer (WDCO) during this operation?
    • - Control all well deck operations.
    • - Keep the Debark Control Officer (DCO) informed of the depth of water at the sill.
    • - Control overall ballasting operations
  8. The ballast control station has the following minimum manning:

    Ballast Control Officer (normally the Damage Control Assistant [DCA])
    Phone Talker
  9. The ballast control station has the following minimum manning:

    Ballast Control Officer (normally the Damage Control Assistant [DCA])
    Phone Talker
    The Ballast Control Officer performs the following functions:

    Supervises the actual ballast/deballast operations
    Provides the wet well conditions, as specified by the WDCO

    Starts ballasting down when directed by well deck control
    Follows the ballasting plan as closely as possible
    Controls the cycling of the sea ballast valves and vent valves to selected tanks to most effectively avoid unequal flooding of the tanks
  10. The stern gate power unit components are connected through high-pressure piping and generally consist of:

    A reservoir
    Two main pumps
    Two hand pumps for use in the event of power loss
    A hydraulic manifold (valve block) with directional, check, and counterbalance valves
  11. The following is the minimum manning required for the stern gate control station:

    Ram Room Maintenance Person
    Phone Talker
  12. The Ballast Control Officer ceases ballasting when directed by which of the following positions?
    • - Commanding Officer
    • - Well deck control
    • - Debark control
  13. The minimum manning required for cargo control is as follows:

    Combat Cargo Officer
    Phone Talker
    Traffic Controllers
    Monorail/Bridge Crane Operators (if equipped)
    Securing detail
  14. The minimum manning for the repair locker is as follows:

    Locker Officer
    Locker Leader
    Locker Phone Talker
    On-scene Leader
    Fire party
  15. The ship's Boatswain normally fills which of the following positions during well deck stern gate operations?
    Combat Cargo Officer
  16. Stern Gate Marriage Procedures for LHD 1, LPD 4, LSD 41, and LSD 49 Class Ships

    1. Prior to the craft arriving on station, the ship will set Condition 1A, place the sill at one to two feet above the water’s edge, and lower the ship's stern gate to the stops.
    2. Line Handlers will position the marriage blocks, lines and marriage chains in the well.
    3. On the LCU, a Line Handler will be stationed on each wingwall of the craft to receive the positioning lines from the ship.
    4. When the craft and ship are ready, the WDCO will signal by flags or lights for the craft to make the approach.
    5. The LCU will lower its bow ramp to approximately 90 degrees and make its approach on the stern of the ship in a slow and controlled manner.
    6. As soon as possible, the ship will pass positioning lines from the port and starboard wingwalls of the ship to the LCU and fairlead the positioning lines to the wingwall capstans.
  17. 7. The LCU will use engines and rudders in conjunction with the ship's positioning lines to bring the bow ramp of the LCU up against the marriage blocks.
    8. Once the LCU is in position against the marriage blocks, the ship shall pass the marriage chains to the LCU.
    9. The ship will take the slick out of the marriage chains using turnbuckles, ensuring an even strain on both chains. 1
    10. Although the craft is being held in place with lines and chains, the LCU will use ahead engines as required to hold its bow ramp in the marriage blocks.
    11. At this point, embarkation or debarkation into the well deck can begin.
    12. Upon the completion of the loading evolution, the ship will remove the marriage chains and positioning lines, during which the LCU will use its engines to hold position on the marriage blocks.
    13. When line handlers and lashing gear are clear, the LCU will back away from the ship's stern, simultaneously raising the bow ramp. When free to maneuver, the LCU will proceed as instructed by the Primary Control Ship.
  18. You are a Line Handler assigned to a stern gate marriage operation. For what purpose will bull chains be used?
    To hold the landing craft against the marriage blocks
  19. Approximately how many degrees should the LCU bow ramp be lowered to make an approach for a stern gate marriage?
  20. What may be used to signal the Landing Craft Utility (LCU) that the ship is ready to begin the stern gate marriage?
    • -Flags
    • -Lights
  21. Stern Gate Marriage Operation Safety Precautions

    The Well Deck Control Officers (WDCO) coordinate the actions of Safety Observers. Regarding Safety Observers, WDCOs must:

    Ensure that assigned Safety Observers are present throughout well deck operations
    Ensure they are qualified in the positions they have been assigned to observe
    Ensure they are assigned in sufficient numbers to observe all aspects of the operation
    Ensure they are able to quickly communicate any unsafe condition or practice to the control station
    Any team member may use his or her life jacket whistle to indicate an emergency or any developing unsafe condition.
  22. You are assigned to a stern gate marriage operation and need to speak with the Petty Officer in Charge (POIC). What color helmet does the POIC wear in the wet well?
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